Declaration of War from PayPal (from Livestream #145)

PayPal $2500 Fine [PayPal have since reversed this decision but we shouldn’t forget this overreach]

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #145 (originally streamed live on Oct 08, 2022):


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  1. There's no mystery. All these moves are a prelude to the introduction of a social credit system. People have already been conditioned to accept the concept that they can be penalized for their political views, or for their beliefs regarding vaccination, global warming and various other issues. At the moment the penalty for posting "unacceptable" opinions is a temporary blocking or restriction of your account (in FB, for example, this means that your posts will appear near the bottom of the page, so that your "organic reach" is reduced to just a handful of people). In the future, the penalty for refusing to comply with the official narrative will involve restrictions on your access to other services, including banking and credit card services. This is what happened in Canada when the bank accounts of more than 200 protesters were blocked. PayPal was forced to rewrite its terms and conditions, but this is the direction we're heading. The objective is to create a cashless society in which social control can be achieved through blocking or restricting a person's access to their money – or fining them and deducting the payment automatically – if they act or express views that are deemed "hate speech", "false information", "homophobic", "antisemitic", "incitement to hatred" etc. The most sinister aspect of this is the fact that all these online entities – FB/IG, Twitter, Google/YouTube etc – are sharing users' information with each other (and with the FBI, the CIA and the NSA). When a person is banned from Twitter, they are often also banned from other social networks. At the moment a PayPal user can open an account with Stripe or some other payment acceptance service if their PayPal account is blocked. But what happens when a person who is blocked by PayPal is automatically blocked from Mastercard, American Express, Stripe etc?
    Cash is being phased out. In Britain, cash is predicted by economic experts to become almost non existent within the next four or five years.
    Once cash disappears, financial institutions in collusion with governments will have the power to control virtually every aspect of people's lives. This is the endgame. Populations are now being primed via social networks to acquiesce to this development.

  2. For the life of me, I don’t understand why so called conservatives remain on platforms and use services that clearly flat out hate them and will ultimately censor or deplatform them if not refuse service to any longer. These communists have declared war on Americans who think. Period. Banks are now emboldened to just not allow services because conservatives haven’t said a word or done a thing to prevent or stop them.

  3. PayPal's money back guarantee is more often a farce than a beifit. Especially concerning Ebay. The two of them find for the seller instead of taking care of the buyers. They keep you tied up with their months of stalling. Meanwhile you have either a defective item or a fraud by a seller. And your money is tied up and you still don't have the item you bought in good faith. They became too big for their britches. They have terrible communication avenues when you have a dispute. They can't keep up with multiple incoming information. They rarely contact you back when they say they will. And alot of times not at all. I have had them tell me repeatedly during the, "guarantee", period to just have my bank deal with it. They are a sham.

  4. This is probably why they warn us not to bank at ESG Banks. Probably all ESG banks will be able to do this to us at some time or another. Sure seems like we're a lot more communist than we used to be.

  5. By the end of 2023, I see Paypal as 'gutted' and probably to be bought for half it's current value by some Mexican investment company. The top twenty executives of the company? I'll predict that they all have resumes out and seeking new jobs by March of 2023. Amazing how stupid they got in their 'greed'.

  6. Perhaps the WEF does not want companies like PAYPAL to exist… Something that is now becoming increasingly clear is that the Western governments who followed the most strict Covid-19 roll out mandates are all headed up by the WEF protoge's…. I wonder how long it will be before we find out how Von der leyen, was made the EU CABAL president, inspite of not being in the democratic list of people who were eligible and being voted on by the member states…
    I believe that you will indeed be vindicated over the entire gene therapy MRNA experimental drugs being called so called vaccines..!!
    But please remember that inspite of the EU MEP'S and its Covid 19 enquiries committee's now raising the alarm, other less wealthy countries are now likely to be supplied with the excess of these drugs, but at a cost only basis….
    Surely the fact that the SP1 spike protein synthesised material used isn't BENIGN, needs to be properly flushed out and addressed BRETT…???

  7. They have sold out to the elite oligarchs. Look at the truckers that they locked out of receiving money. I only used them a few times back in the late 90s. They pulled some crazy crap with my friends. I found it sketchy and closed my account with them.

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