Dee Snider is a Dehydrated Sack

“Fight the power, kids!

…Wait, no, not THAT power!”

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. "Hey fellow kids! I'm still hip to what's groovy! I listen to what CNN says, and make references to Marvel movies! Rock'n Roll my dudes!"
    -REEEEEEEE Snider on how he's still "got it"
    And by it I mean the same dementia afflicting the moron in the White House

  2. TS…. A shit band with what, one catchy song that was truly rife with poor musicianship, that they've been milking for 35 years. FK Dee Snider.

  3. As far as Rage Against the Machine's rebellions go, Mike Muir nailed that bullcrap in an excellent song "Do what I tell ya!" In which he sings to Zack "…and let's not forget the evil corporations. So why is Sony the sponsor of your presentation? Bitch!"

  4. Yeah I'm gonna take it
    Yeah I'm gonna take it
    I am gonna take it in the aaaaasss.

    Oh I am such a douchbag
    I'm just an old sad rag
    I have no life
    This is my song

    I am a c*ck! (C*ck)
    I am a c*ck! (C*ck)
    I am a c*ck! (C*ck)
    I am a c*ck (C*ck)
    I am a c*ck!
    Rinse and repeat…

    I used to think Dee was a decent guy, but he's become a fraud. He claimed to be so against the BS of the government, and now he wants to crucify his fellow artists.