Deep data dive: Is Omicron the end of the pandemic?

Freddie Sayers sits down with Pieter Streicher, who has been following the developments of the Omicron variant in his home country.

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Since its discovery in the Gauteng province of South Africa in November, a new Covid variant has set off a spiral of harsh restrictions, travel bans and questions about the efficacy of the existing two-dose vaccines. Dr Angelique Coetzee, the scientist who first raised the alarm in Gauteng, has repeatedly assured the public that early observation of symptoms suggests that Omicron could be milder than the Delta variant. Despite some reassuring signs on the ground, reaction to the new variant has been dramatic, with Boris Johnson warning of a ‘tidal wave’ of cases in the UK and Joe Biden predicting an ‘explosion’ of cases in the US.  

To unpick some of the data coming out of Gauteng, Freddie Sayers sat down with researcher at the University of Johannesburg, Pieter Streicher, who has been following the developments of the Omicron variant in his home country. 

Pieter is clear that, like all waves of the virus, there will predictably be a sharp increase in cases in the coming weeks in South Africa and beyond. But cases are not, he says, the best metric by which to measure the threat of Omicron. When measuring the virulence of any variant, it is more important to study records of hospitalisations and excess deaths. 

By these measures, Omicron is resulting in hospital admissions well below the previous wave in South Africa, and needing far less interventions like ventilation or supplemental oxygen. Excess deaths look likely to follow this pattern. With Delta, Pieter explains, patients were often coming into hospital with low blood oxygen levels and severe symptoms. Reporting from South African hospitals suggests that a higher percentage of positive tests are ‘incidental’ with the Omicron variant, with patients often asymptomatic or unaware that they were harbouring the virus. 

Pieter appreciates that the initial exponential growth rate for Omicron does look dramatic. But scientists ‘make the mistake to project that [exponential growth rate] well into the future, well beyond even a plausible peak date.’ According to his observations, Omicron’s growth rate appears to already be slowing in Gauteng. 

If symptoms are less severe and numbers slowing, could this new variant actually be good news? Pieter is cautiously optimistic. If Omicron ‘outcompetes’ the Delta variant, then it could spell the end of the pandemic as we know it, putting coronavirus in the same category of disease as the common cold. Pieter is keeping a close eye on the newer numbers being recorded in Europe, as are we.

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00:00 – 01:05 – Introduction
01:05 – 02:47 – Is the Omicron wave peaking in Guateng?
02:47 – 05:14 – What explanation is there for Omicron slowing down in South Africa?
05:14 – 07:41 – What about Omicron hospitalisations in Guateng?
07:41 – 10:18 – How can Pieter Streicher be confident in his predictions when other analysts say different?
10:18 – 15:09 – Are scientific advisers and politicians in the UK being too negative about Omicron?
15:09 – 20:49 – Pieter’s predictions and Delta vs Omicron
20:49 – 24:33 – Dying ‘with’ vs ‘from’ COVID
24:33 – 28:27 – Is Omicron ‘the end of the pandemic’?
28:27 – 29:12 – Concluding thoughts

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  1. Do you agree with Pieter Streicher about the trajectory of the Omicron variant?

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  2. Is Omicron the end of the pandemic? Not if the likes of Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty get their way. Omicron is a heeeee-uge cash cow for these people (they have shares in the companies that are being handed billions in government contracts – i.e. taxpayer money). Gotta keep peddling the fear levels high in order to keep the cash flowing.

  3. What a breath of fresh air.. So different in tone and content from the grim faced Jeremiahs we have here in Ireland, for whom, only the worst possible scenario taken seriously. There is some connection it seems to me between the view, seemingly held by the prophets of doom globally, that "there is only one way out of this" and the view that only conscious human interventional action can solve all problems.. Clearly, it is often the case that 'mother nature' leaves our puny efforts at controlling a force of nature such as a highly transmissible virus, looking like the futile arrogance of a humanity which has lost its humility in relation to the many many powers greater than ourselves on this planet.

  4. Patiently waiting here in the USA for it to replace the "Delta" since we are usually behind a few weeks. I just yearn for the freak out party to stop, but I know the control is only a news report away from here on out, forever. Pavlov is proud of his studies looking down at us now. I am one of the unvaxxed people who has worked through the entre pandemic with only a hand full of days off the past 2 years. I still have to put up with the vax shaming but have always taken my vitamins religiously. Not saying I am invincible, but I have been around enough people that have been sick and I am confident with my own immune system. It has to be more than luck. I never got the pig flu either back in the day. Stay well everyone, nobody was/is trying to get sick regardless of their choice of vaccination status.

  5. "omicron" is another in a long line of rabbits being pulled out of the hat to keep us in our box until the control grid and digital currency is rolled out. one huge fraud on mankind.

  6. Premiers in Australia will just ignore this as they know best thats why we have 1 state opening up for all vaccinated and unvaccinated and another just starting to close its doors to unvaccinated. We've got this 👌 😱🤯

  7. Ahem…If one is kept being told that one is a fool…U'll eventually believe that U are a fool….In other words… Words can Kill…The fear is…that people believe in everything negative…So the result are phobic forms of becoming illness…. It's just forms of mind control…

  8. Its the end of the delta variant.. And probably it will achieve terminating velocity prior to a new variant. I give it 4 months of life. Hopefully afterward we can come together as a global community and glass China afterward.

  9. I was with Pieter Streicher until he brushed over the rate of infection acquired immunity in a region that has just completed a Delta wave.
    The only thing we know about omicron is that it walks through two shot immunity and it walks through Delta immunity at a fairly high rate…..but in both instances the harms are relatively low.
    This says nothing about the virulence of Omicron nor its behavior in a different system.
    The trend towards less virulence is largely debunked, what happens in most of these scenarios is that people develop better immunity long term to these so called less virulent strains. If you drop one of these so called less virulent viruses on populations with zero immunity,. a so called novel viral event, history shows time and again that this is devastating.

  10. "Predicting something" in a government is ridiculous. It's a bunch of wrong types for that. Mr. Right in a government don't have that mandate. It's about what is. Paper comes in and there are facts. If not then it's not "approved" and Mr. Right can't do it. I can scream "danger" or something and have to prove it…. The answer in a governmental office is "do you have it?" and they have rules about how to have it. So, we show the thing on the right paper and it takes weeks or years to figure out, if you have it and if it's true in 3 places. In a pandemic we all have it somehow. "It's spreading like fire" and nobody need to prove stuff and can do everything they want in an office and tell you to go away. You say "hey, I have the right papers and not that virus which I'm not sure if we have or not…."

    "I'm the government" they say and they are not when 5000 functions dropped and they focus on 1.

  11. Governments and the Globalist run mainstream media will keep the fear and paranoia agenda going regardless for continued control of society both economically and politically. Here in N. America rather than downplaying the issue our media is irresponsibly fomenting fear over the omnicron variant.

  12. A few people nailed it about 2 years ago when all of this was still only in China. They told of exactly how this would grow into all it is today. The very first thing they called out was how it would be used to do things to people against their will and the loss of freedoms that go along with that. Now contrast that with the people 2 years later who still have no clue.

  13. In-depth, sober, super-clear and very reassuring. Thank you both. A question still out there for me is the validity of repeated msm assertions that the unvaccinated get infected and seriously ill (and die) at much higher rates than the vaccinated. Some official UK figures seem to cast considerable doubt on this, but there is dispute anfd little or no corroborative data elsewhere. Would love to listen to Freddie and Peter Streicher deep-dive into this.

  14. The governments do everything they can to scare us when there is no scare to have because they want everybody to be vaccinated including children and they will even go as far as contradicting, spinning or suppress one way or another the promising Omicron results in order to achieve their goal. I am afraid, they make something up to get us all vaccinated before we acquire natural immunity.

  15. Nice to listen to people actually using common sense and logic along with clear, sharp intelligence and less of the fanciful supposedly scientific fear mongering – thanks

  16. Omicron is a mere cold only!
    The deep FEAR put into the dormant souls has made them head straight to the slaughterhouse, i.e. HOSPITAL!
    Stay away folks from HOSPITALS……this is where deaths occur, and NOT at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My neighbour who got a highly severe case of the covid in December 2019 got lucky (by chance) not to be admitted to the hospital! His wife was kept on the telephone line for HOURS while he was gasping for air, ie there was no response from the hospital as they were inundated with calls!
    Below is a comment by a YouTube viewer, which I thought ought to be brought to Freddie's attention:

    Bill Gates Warns The "Next Pandemic" Is Coming After Covid-19 – And How To Stop It | MSNBC
    rodger roy
    Mia Ash Everyone asks this question but… Have you ever looked? There is a government site which shows for both Moderna and Pfizer. It does not say graphene is in it but we all know that already. So graphene, mRna, PEG, and potassium chloride are just a few that are in it. Research those alone and your results of your conclusion will not be good. You may find out why people are getting these heart attacks. But do you know that this is all based on a model virus? Do you know that since day 1 they never isolated this virus? What does that say. IT IS NOT REAL. The only people dying from this so called virus are those who go to the hospital. It is the method of care that is given that is killing people. There has been many changes in the healthcare system. Which basically all work for the pharmaceutical companies. In the hospital they are given Remdesivir and the ventilator. Remdesivir ultimately causes access fluid in the lungs. Combining this with oxygen and result is often fatal and if not causes permanent lung damage as well as heart. But don't just take my word for it. RESEARCH. This is what I found. I have the ingredients. What they will tell us anyways. If you read about potassium chloride it doesn't sound that bad….until you get to the bottom line. Used in lethal injections.

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  18. Pandemic ends, interest rates go up, get ready for the real reason that charles prince of wales has put his "embedded worldwide forces" into action…"in this limited window of opportutiny"… "in short, ze great reset".

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