Deep Dive 1 – Spike and Vascular Damage

Deep Dive 1 – Spike and Vascular Damage

Let’s review the literature and studies demonstrating spike induced vascular damage.

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URL list from Friday, Oct. 21 2022

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Oct 21, 2022 at 4:58 PM
Oxidative Stress, Nitric Oxide Synthase, and Superoxide Dismutase

Oct 21, 2022 at 5:09 PM
Critical Role of the Nitric Oxide/Reactive Oxygen Species Balance in Endothelial Progenitor Dysfunction


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  1. I followed the lecture , talk about the reaction of spike and alternating use of enzymes that can enter cells. I'm very certain the chi-tin research on cancer cell aggregation and the type use was said in conjunction with has been partial cause of reactive lively germs. The components about the topic show serious possible implied action. However I'm not certain how the chitin was obtained and therefore wouldn't say more than there are several factors that either have or would become in everyday issue that is possible to do similar event. Not to mention it has a section about furthering growth. That might get why it's intermixed and is not just passing virus. Then again I believe in the actuality of energy use that's not all good for humanity. It's a find another way topic to refer heating astrophysics topic. Only in a dream..sleep walking .. 😂

  2. This study suggests the enemy is vasoconstriction, for a number of reasons. Given that very strong possibility, this suggests that people who are concerned about vasoconstriction should eschew caffeine. It has vasoconstriction as a primary attribute. I have now switched to decaf coffee now, and I believe my Raynaud's disease has improved. There are now many decaf brands that are excellent, and I do NOT miss out on coffee!

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
    Retired surgeon

  3. Didn't get a chance to watch this yet. But I hope you covered that several researchers added spike from virus to healthy blood and found it clotted it. Yet bizarrely they never did this study yet with the spike from the V. A South African researcher wants to do this study with a grant from SA govt. The question is, why didn't the V makers do this common sense study yet, what is the point of clinical trials. Even now they are ignoring it and not the ones who will do it. Makes no sense.

  4. BAD NEWS! they are putting the Cxvid vaccine in immunizations, children must get to attend school. More and more evidence is coming out about the damage caused be the safe and effective Jab. This must be stopped. Please pray, they are stopped.

  5. Thank you for this video! Would taking asparin while you have covid help? If so how much…. And how long should you take it. How long is the risk of clotting once you contract covid? Could taking 325 mg of asparin a day cause brain bleeds?

  6. So, this is the mecanism that made me feel better when I took magnesium orotate… It met me breath again… Great prezentation, doc! Thank you very much! We all love you!❤

  7. I am scared this is happening to a lot of us, including me, my husband, oldest son & members of our extended family.
    (1) Would a magnesium orotate supplement help?
    (2) If all this trouble is caused from lingering spike protein, wouldnt it be helpful to take ivermectin to help with viral clearance?
    (3) How do you keep your cats out of your plants, Dr. MoBeen? I am having much trouble with this. 😅

    Thank you for your kindness & all you do to teach us, Dr. MoBeen. My family loves you & is grateful for you.
    God be with you & yours, always.
    Love from Massachusetts (USA)

  8. 800 times more myocarditis after the 3rd dose of anti-Covid vaccine according to the French Society of Cardiology OCTOBER 21, 2022 A statistical study conducted by cardiologist Christian Mueller, head of department at the University Hospital of Basel, in Switzerland, finds a myocardial incidence 800 times higher among the vaccinated population. Data accepted by the French Society of Cardiology. In the end, the results conclude with a myocardial incidence of 2.8% among the vaccinated population. In previous years, hospitalizations for myocarditis accounted for only 0.0035%

  9. Thank you for pointing out the info on AKI. I'm a health consultant and educator and it has been cropping up since summer and BA4/5. Never saw one case before then. Now 9 in just a few months.

  10. Please Dr. Been can you find a way to discuss various herbal treatments, Nattokinase, EDTA, NAC, Sunflower Lecithin, etc without making any comments that might get you in trouble with the platform terms of service rules??

  11. Thanks for your work! Could you please look into blood transfusions? Like is it ok for an unvaccinated person to receive blood from a covid vaccinated person? Will they suffer I'll effects? Or will the good blood dominate any problems with the vaccinated blood? Cheers!

  12. It’s no coincidence that the most affected age is young males 16-24. You can’t enter the army or defend your country if the ticker won’t perform correctly. I think they knew this with mice and proceeded anyway. Extremely negligent 🐁 🐁 🐀 .

  13. Hi DrB. Over a year ago you talked about ACE inhibitors and 2020 pubmed cited positive use of meds based on hospital data. But this talk and more recent pub downplay effect of ACE inhibitors as preventative. I settled on benazepril after other HBP meds had side effects. Please discuss ACE inhibitor dosage impact on covid. Enjoy your talks and miss Loofy.

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