Defund Police Activist Alyssa Milano Hypocrisy EXPOSED, Again, After She Calls Cops On Kid

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  1. If all you know of guns is what you see on tv or movies, yeah….I could see how someone might mistake a pneumatic air rifle for a gun because you just don't know how loud an actual gun shot is…

    That being said, she needs to sit her ass down. Her career is on the downturn and she's just trying to be in the limelight again and it's infuriating and sad…

  2. like that crocheted covid mask. Double crochet slip stitch double no less. huge holes and did so much less than nothing except look stupid. crooked cops? yeah when time for a cop to show up in LA vs a whole team in her rich neighborhood, quite crooked. needs reform. starting with making every neighborhood equal when it comes to police response. she should be in the same line people in the projects are in and they put her third after the other two actual shootings and before the suspicious knife carrying guy.

  3. Eh, to be fair my grandfather had a truck really damaged because a squirrel nested in it and tore up all the wires, the belt and tubing. They also got under the eaves of the house and then the attic… They chewed through the ducts and the internet and TV cables. Rude.
    So, he asked me as a 17 yr old at the time to thin the population on his 6 acre property and I did have a neighbor yell at me. I never aimed at house level nor went within 100 feet of the road or edge of the fence. I was legal to shoot with an air rifle to kill small animals, especially nuisance ones.

    Edit: I was a good shot btw, so they died instantly. It's easy to get a heart shot, right behind the elbow, or a headshot when they sit in tree nooks. I got mostly males and did not hunt when it was breeding season because I didn't want babies abandoned if I got a female.

  4. she won't learn a thing, and even the irony will be completely lost on her, because as a post modern feminist she literally believes her current feelings determines and creates reality…..even if it contradicts her feelings of 5 minutes ago.

  5. city people lol it's normal to have kids with pellet guns hunting game atleast were i grew up in the country side. hunting as a kid is the norm & yes poor squirrels but that's the reality.

  6. I'd say the kid missed the worst squirrel in the neighborhood Alyssa Milano I haven't liked any of her shows I thought they were stupid and obviously the reason for that is Alyssa Milano I thought the Rose McGowan character was excellent Alyssa Milano is a lousy actress and an even lousier human

  7. That woman is a clear cut example of the leftist elitist mindset. If the left didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all. If they didn't have hypocrisy they'd have nothing to talk about. If they didn't have rules for everyone else they'd have no rules at all. If they didn't have ten times the normal amount of conceited flaws as a normal person they'd have no personality at all. They're almost all just rich losers.

  8. I have a great idea defund the police send them all home and we bring all of our soldiers home from Germany make them military police and let them Patrol the streets of America in armored personnel carriers and tanks