DEFUND THE ABC! Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar’s horrible comments on Assange and Nick Sandmann

Why are we paying these idiots?
Get rid of Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar and #DefundTheABC

#australia #auspol


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  1. Nick Sandmann did nothing wrong, Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong, Julian Assange did nothing wrong! Good news one of Nick Sandmann's Lawyers is helping Kyle Rittenhouse suing the media! I agree 100% defund ABC not just them all of the Legacy Media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, PBS, CBS, New York Times, The Washington Post, etc. defund & sue them into an oblivion they all need to go! Free Julian Assange he's done more for the world exposing corruption on a global scale and ABC is just another alphabet propaganda outlet just like all the other alphabet propaganda outlets not holding the people in power accountable because they take marching orders from the people in power giving them lip service look a Chris Cuomo for example AKA Fredo for his brother Andrew Cuomo that had to resign as Governor! Julian Assange has integrity unlike the alphabet propaganda outlets that have no integrity.

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