Defunding Police BACKFIRED, AOC SLAMMED As Activists DEMAND Police Be Reinstated As Crime SKYROCKETS

Defunding Police BACKFIRED, AOC SLAMMED As Activists DEMAND Police Be Reinstated As Crime SKYROCKETS. NYC Is seeing a wave of crime worse than they have seen in a very long time.

As far left activists continue their demands that police be defunded or abolished crime is skyrocketing across the country. Activists in NYC are demanding that the city reinstate the anti crime unit to prevent the wave of harm being caused.

AOC on the other hand is blaming the wave of crime on people who need bread or food which has nothing to do at all with the loss of life. Ocasio Cortez is getting ripped for being tone deaf and not even knowing what is happening in her own community.

The defund the police and abolish the police experiment has already failed and its time Democrats back away and started supporting police more. Even though there are issues we can still have reform.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Police Dept's should pray they go on the "defund list". Wait a month while compiling the wish list. Won't be long before liberals go from defund to refund, only this time a wish list

  2. All this stuff that fast? And we all no the real predator's are just sitting back waiting for the opportunity to move in without consequences once the cartels move in and open shop it would be a hole new situation?

  3. The police that have exited NEW YORK and other cities will not come back if they have found gainful employment someplace else!! The Mayor is 100% against law enforcement!!

  4. We want Cops to obey our Constitutional Rights and stop acting like Gestapos.. 80% of Cops are bad and don't even know the 10 Bill of Rights.. Cops kill 2.7 people/day mostly at traffic stops and you are 27x more likely to be killed by a Cop than a murderer

  5. Just like South Africa. The Apartheid regime police kept law and order. Then they were removed and South Africa went from having the highest life expectancy to one of the lowest. 6000 murders a year.

  6. "Two cops choked a man to death. Let's march over to a completely different city and loot their stores and businesses, then burn whatever's left to the ground!" – I'm sorry, but how in the fuck does a massive increase in crime from these people surprise ANYBODY with a functional brain!?

  7. Maybe shootings are up because they are cannibals. They are hungry and need protein. Just kidding. If you are AOC, you might say that – minus the 'just kidding" part.

  8. The trouble with gang bangers is that they're such lousy shots! It was even worse than that on Bourbon Street in New Orleans in early 2016. Rival gang bangers decided to shoot uninvolved bystanders between them to get them out of the way to get a clear shot at each other. Read "Code of the Street" by Elijah Anderson. No solutions offered in his text, but it clearly and succinctly documents the problems and the predicament of people living in the 'hood. The city described in the book is Philadelphia, focused on Germantown Street, but it could as easily been lower 9th ward, New Orleans East or Oretha Castle Haley Street in NOLA or 5th Ward in Houston.

  9. Ok lets not go crazy here. Defunding the police was stupid. Taking armoured vehicles and an army mentality out of the police is not. You know it was not 'just' people of colour who were getting screwed over. Seems like every month there is another story of a person being denied a fair trail and DNA shows the truth. In Canada and the US. I never heard one police officer being outraged when a grandmother sleeping on her own couch gets gunned down while laying between her 2 very young grand daughters. Happened. By two police officers who were punished repeatedly for the use of excessive force throughout your term of duty.
    Police cant police themselves, doctors cant, nor teachers or even the boyscouts. There must be a middle ground between defu ding the police and back to same old same old. That is an activist chant…they may get you to the negociating table but then someone else needs to do the realistic work.
    Dont defund the police but gross misuse of force should be punished not rewarded with some time off with pay!