Defunding Police BACKFIRED BAD, Minneapolis Residents Are FURIOUS Over Crime Surge

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  1. Stop laws that are unconstitutional. Enforce laws to the max . Fear breeds respect not belief FACT . Check our history 1800s,the 1920s and 30s thru the 1970s . Hard law max enforcement = safe streets ,safe schools society grows .

  2. If the taxpayers are that angry, they should vote out the idiot politicians that defunded their cops. If they re-elect them, then they obviously got what they deserve and they can live with it.

  3. I agree, but Tim, sometimes the Officers do not have a choice. Especially when the city government are putting pressure on them to make those arrests.

  4. Bloomberg said in January that if you have a problem call the police, that was because he supported gun control, how is that working out for New York City, Mike? Oh I forgot, Bloomberg is a elitist and a billionaire and he can afford all the private security he wants!

  5. Police have a shity job no doubt at all .but this latest stuff about them arresting the churchgoers and the lady who didn't wear a mask is it really the police's fault , are they the ones making the laws, do they have a choice which law they can enforce and which ones they can't or they just doing what they were told by the higher-ups that's the real question is the Beat cop getting out of his car going man I'm just going to rest this person for singing at church or was he told to

  6. Count me in on police reform! Something has to be done about "policing for profit". That being said, people have to realize you are NEVER going to eliminate racism or raciat/bad cops. There will always be some of them, but we need to continue to keep that number as low as is reasonably possible.

  7. can someone help me out here, i don't understand why the residents in Minneapolis are furious, they voted those city council members in right? didn't they check their profiles and resumes? shouldn't the residents be happy about this outcome? that's what they wanted right? otherwise, why were these council members being voted in at the first place?