Deliberately Provoking Nuclear War With China!

As Nancy Pelosi plots her “Will she or won’t she?” visit to the Far East that may involve a stopover in Taiwan, the U.S. Navy is engaging in aggressive maneuvers in the Taiwan Strait and China is warning the U.S. that these are all provocative moves that will not be idly tolerated by the region’s top power. So what’s the objective here? To distract from Democrats’ domestic woes? For Pelosi to review her investment in Taiwanese semiconductors? To pointlessly edge ever closer to nuclear war? Who knows?

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the dangerous game of brinksmanship tug-of-war currently underway over Taiwan.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. As much as I despise Pelosi and everything she stands for and the CCP is a criminal organization, China is not going nuclear over a visit. The idea is just absurd!

  2. NPELOSI is in 🇹🇼 seeking a new cheaper fetal waste supply, demand has gone up here and she’s losing her gains ✈️ 👧🏻!! = 👏💀💕👶👶👶👶🏻👶👶🏾👶👶🏿👶🏼👶

  3. Smoke and mirrors BS. Biden has documented dirty dealings with Ukraine and China. Who ever said that has stopped. Nancy, being the upstanding individual that she is will help Joe out.

  4. China sucks. At least say that. But we are about to abandon them to China . All of the new chip factories are being built rapidly stateside and in Germany as we speak. Once they are up and running Taiwan is screwed.

  5. The Democrats are very desperate and scared of losing power because of the RED WAVE coming. So the only way to hold on to power is to start WWIII. Elections will be put on hold.

  6. She's over there doing meet and greets with Companies she and her husband have big stock holdings in and she is there to pump that price up. 95 MILLION DOLLARS it is costing the taxpayers just for security.

  7. Well, about motivation.

    1. US and China didn’t expect to stand peacefully together anyway.
    2. China is not as strong as the US yet
    3. China have time on their side. They are likely to continue to have better growth in relative strength in comparison to the US

    So, the US always have motivation to start war with China asap

    With Covid, there are always speculation that bunch of wars will followed Covid as there are economic hardship plus extreme increases in authoritarianism of government everywhere

    So it is normal to have some wars now and more war soon

  8. You can’t tell me this isn’t being done on purpose as in a policy driven destruction of the USA. This isn’t a conspiracy it’s OBJECTIVELY HAPPENING FACTUALLY. So in the 90’s a decision is made to start off shoring our entire industry and infrastructure. After three decades the country has been gutted to a shell and the middle class decimated. A mysterious virus gets unleashed and the citizenry is completely put under the boot and we’re not even able to manufacture masks and ventilators and medicine. As we’re limping out of that broken down and crushed we go into a recession/depression. As this happens our good starts a war with Russia AND China. If you hired someone to dismantle the greatest country in the world this is exactly what they would do. This is fucked up. I never thought it would get like this.

  9. The Peoples Republic of China doesn't own Taiwan aka Republic of China. Good thing this isn't 1939 these dumbasses would be saying of course Herr Chancellor Poland, the Sudetenland, and the Low Countries are yours, anything else? Sweden, Great Britain . . . ?

  10. Anyone who has half a brain, knows that this really is such a provocation in a very dangerous direction. I hope that the America voters finally realize that the Democrat's in office are the most dangerous political government in the world right now. They will set the world on fire to exercise their own ego's.

  11. They didn't split from China. The communist took over mainland in a revolution and everyone who was NOT a commie who could, escaped to Taiwan. The CCP has NEVER controlled Taiwan even though they tried and FAILED to take it by force during their revolution.

  12. Jackson is right!
    China can provide Russia with a industrial capability that can produce whatever they want in numbers out of the realm we in the west are capable to produce!
    And The Russians are able to give China the technology to create the hypersonic missiles that would overtake the US and NATO with ease!
    The Ressources and energy is delivered with the blueprints!

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