Delta, vaccines and herd immunity – what’s the true story?

The Delta variant is pushing some hospitals to their capacities. Front line doctors are reporting that some patients are crashing in the ICU and are unresponsive to the same treatments that were working a few weeks ago. These doctors are pleading for people and doctors to take this variant seriously and to start early treatment upon first symptom onset.

The Delta variant is responsible. Further, we postulate that the mind-blowing “chickenpox like” R-naught of the Delta thought to be between R5 and R9 will make it a rather short-lived phenomenon. It will sweep through the immune-naïve populations it can find and then we’ll get to herd immunity.

Lastly, the UK and Iceland have finally admitted that these vaccine cannot get us to herd immunity.

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Episode 020:

00:00 – Intro
01:33 – Stay Alert! A Critical Delta Update
02:33 – MATH+ has been a solid protocol
03:56 – Early Treatment Is Critical
07:00 – Why is Delta Hitting So Hard?
08:31 – Delta Hypothesis – Part 1
10:07 – Delta Hypothesis – Part 2
12:48 – Delta Hypothesis – Part 3
16:48 – Delta Hypothesis – Part 4
17:50 – Lollapalooza 2021!
19:07 – Delta Hypothesis – Part 5
21:56 – Low “Inoculum”
24:17 – The Delta Hypothesis Review
29:01 – So Far, Not That Deadly
38:04 – Remain Alert

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  1. In a year and a half, I have not seen even one photo or video of the inside of one of these overwhelmed hospitals. Except one in the beginning, which turned out to be 6 patients in Italy .☀️

  2. Narrator: "It's a forever deal."

    You said everything would be fine after the first peak. You see there are two peaks there? Next peak is lambda variant. Then the next variant… And so on… Current vaccines reduce risk of severe symptoms but do not prevent infection or reinfection. Neither does natural immunity. We are trying to get herd immunity to a cold virus. A cold virus that causes brain damage and can kill in mild cases, as well as cause diabetes, and leave victims susceptible to strokes and heart attacks. The only way out is zero covid. This can only be done with better vaccines and/or therapeutics.

  3. Delta will drop the IQ of most children regardless of the vax. The biggest problem is no protection against high nasal pharynx viral loads from delta. This leads to long term neural issues in a large percent of the infected survivors regardless of severity of the covid case. Diminished cognitive skills include reasoning, planning, focused concentrating. 78% of children who get the delta covid have loss of smell (british data). And loss of smell correlates to long term neural after effects. Remember, delta is much different because viral loads peak at 1000 times higher than previous strains.
    Time to return to n95 masking for a couple months, avoid crowds, and take vitamin D (in spite of CNN’s misinformation claiming it does not help) and the oft maligned vitamin i

  4. Chris, did you get the vaccine? I may have missed this info and forgive me if this is too personal. I've been watching your videos from the very beginning and I trust your logic implicitly. I'm on the fence right now as a healthy 38 year old and keep wondering if I should get it to give antibodies to my 8 month old but I just don't know.

  5. What test do they use to determine its the delta variant? And how do you believe the pcr tests when the CDC already released they are inaccurate and will cease the use of them at the end of the year

  6. I wonder if focusing on nutrition, physical fitness and general health would be a far better use on money than vax programmes. We'll have to drop body positivity though. To get herd immunity you need everyone infected and recovered so close together that there is no time for variants to appear.

  7. Covid is not going away, Lets hope a mutation happens that is very weak and a super high rate of infection so a body generates natural immunity

  8. Had the government stayed out of the pandemic and left it to the local doctors, then I believe we would be nearing the end and with much less damage. It reminds me of Reagan: I'm from the government, and I am here to help you. I see Fauci and he is looking a lot like a big vulture.

  9. Consider this: a person must be psychically predisposed to get Covid and not merely in the presence of people who are infected.
    We emphasize too much the physical causation. I am of the impression that even the N–95 has apertures that are much larger than the virus.

  10. My Moderna daughter had to fight for a second test after the 1st was negative, knowing clearly she was sick with it. Not in hospital, not given monoclonal treatment, told to treat it as a cold.

  11. I’m a bit confused with Chris…so in a recent video he is not concerned with delta as it’s highly contagious but not life threatening, then in this one, delta is actually getting deadly? I also find it frustrating that Chris beats around the bush on the efficacy of the vaccines and the maniacs who created this entire debacle. His “I can only tell it like it is behind a pay wall” is irritating. So many narratives.

  12. Sounds like an attempt to overwhelm the hospitals. Full care at very early symptoms. Those who I have spoken to are through it in 3-4 days. Statistics show different story as well.

  13. One reason we have a shortage of ICU beds is the effort expended by all the for-profit hospitals to pare away any expensive little-used asset, and their focus on paring ICU beds for a time, led to a shortage when there is a need for a large number of them. This is due to the use of a profitability model rather than a public health model.

  14. Chris, your table on Infection hops is wrong. Your first column, showing number of infections after a first hop should show 2, 3, 6 and 10. This makes the numbers after 7 hops much much smaller. I'm not suggesting the Delta variant isn't highly, highly contagious, but these numbers are misleading.