Dem Bloodbath IMMINENT In House | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the impending bloodbath for Democrats in House elections nationwide in the 2022 midterms that could resemble the 2010 GOP wave

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  1. Must feel good to be a conservative these days… I’ll never agree with their ideology but they’ve got some bonafide gangsters in DC getting their agenda pushed though.

  2. The retaliatory Congressional investigations will be epic. Hunter Biden, Afghanistan, Southern Border, and the election…the list goes on.

  3. If I knew Biden was gonna be this bad I would've voted third-party but what this did show me is I will never vote for a Democrat or Republican for the rest of my life

  4. I'm having such a hard time with this considering the Ds in my orbit are all hair on fire and ready to protest at any Rs' homes right now due to abortion and guns. I wonder if this is a regional thing, or if the Ds close to me are just unhinged (or uniquely passionate). I've been downright worried at times about what they're proposing, so maybe it's just frustrated bluster.

  5. people tired of being lied to,good! am hoping now that more people realize that both Wall Street "parties" don't have their backs.they never did. and we don't need a civil war,we need a CLASS WAR.

  6. Here is the old ratchet effect at work 🤔 . Nothing happens to improve our situation when the Democrats are in power, so then we elect Republicans who ratchet up their right wing views and establish them and then we all have to conform 🤔 and So it goes ⁉️ the ratchet effect is not my brainchild 🤣

  7. The more I think about it the more I believe we don't need a fucking president ⁉️ things seem to be running just the same without one 🤣🤔

  8. Biden really needs to pull it out. He needs to lean into the bully pulpit (like FDR, making Manchin and Sinema play ball with threats to fall in line or else) and executive actions.
    Bidens polls are bad due to his absolute, complete failure to get anything done. Bidens hopeless attempts at bipartisan niceness when the Republicans are playing dirty hardball to win is straight idiotic.

  9. None of this left, right crap means anything. Oligarchs and corporatists get what they want either way. You want to vote for someone who represents you?? Vote 3rd Party Progressive. Or throw your vote away into the maelstrom of the singular party with two arms (one right, one left) again, like a dazed and confused idiot.

  10. As a former democrat from the Obama era, no, I will not be voting democrat ever again. I will also not hold my nose and vote republican. This inflation, migrant crisis, and gun control have pushed me away from the democrats forever, along with my entire family. It’s time to crush the two party system

  11. I disagree Krystal that a takeover of the House, possibly the Senate is “A Real Ugly Portrait For Americans”. The Republican Party and many of the candidates running as Republicans are much more in tune with Not only Their Base but also on the broader Communities they represent. You, and many other Pre-Trump Leftists and Pre-Trump Conservatives, like you Saager, cannot, and will not, allow yourselves to See 👀 how Trumps Bi-Partisan World View’s have changes the dynamic, in the country.
    So, where’s Paul Ryan, former Republican darling?

  12. 5:16 you underestimate the “vote blue no matter who” democratic base Krystal. I don’t doubt they would burn down the house to keep a Republican from living in it.

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