Dem Congressman CONFRONTED Over Bombshell Nord Stream Pipeline Story

Democratic House Member from New York Ritchie Torres was recently confronted during a town hall by constituents demanding an investigation into whether, as investigative journalist Seymour Hersh recently revealed, the United States was responsible for the September 2022 bombing of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Torres deflected and distracted form the question, bizarrely suggesting that the U.S. could not conduct an investigation of a European pipeline and then calling his questioners “Putin puppets.”

Guest host Aaron Maté breaks down the unbelievable cowardice on display in the non-response to the Hersh story exhibited by elected officials and the media.

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  1. "a puzzling lack of interest"? No, it is not puzzling. America is run by criminals, within a corporatist structure, and they control the media and so the media will not speak on this as they are complicit.
    America seems to have Crossed the Rubicon into total lawlessness. Ohio is but a symbol of the victory of the Death Cult over the Mayflower Compact. It wouldn't be the first time. Enjoy the tritium baths America – you earned them.

  2. People our getting sick of the bull shit real quick .. we have started to.go at these politicians with smart questions because the media isn't doing it they represent the people less and less and it's really starting too show pretty soon these people won't be able to return home cause of all the lies they have told people our getting fed up with it

  3. Democrats elected this guy (and Fetterman, and Biden, and Hobbs etc). I know many Republican senators, led by Mike Lee, are lobbying for an investigation into this in the senate. Don't know what they're doing in the House.

  4. In the late 1980's "we"Americans were behind the attempted coup of the then democratically elected ally of the US, Philippino President Aqino (if that's how to spell her name). I was a US Marine at the time, on board the USS Tarawa. We contracted with elements of the Philippino Marines and other military to overthrow her, as the Philippines is an "ally". YouTube President Bush, the 1st address to the nation. He LIED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT and the truth has YET to be told. Similar instance with Noriega in Panama. We were "locked and cocked" for that mission, but it went to US Army Rangers. It wasn't about "drugs" but negotiations failed over the Suez Canal. THAT is why Noriega was "taken out". I served as a MEU SOC Marine in the late 80's during the "cold war". Nothing was completely "legit". This is going on all around the world. Americans have no idea what we're doing in America's name, and the journalists are PAID by the same corporations that "profit" from it. There's "nothing new under the sun". As a former Jarhead, i learned that "War is a racket", as another US Marine once said.

  5. Effective;y, the USA and Norway have destroyed Germany's industrial base. Sweden 'conducted an investigation' but then wouldn't make the results public to any other country. Almost certainly because they discovered that the USA did it.

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