Dem Congresswoman Tells Homeless To “GO HOME”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) was recently confronted by a group of unhoused constituents who had mistakenly been led to believe that Section 8 housing vouchers were being handed out at an LA location. In breaking the bad news to the crowd that they had been misinformed, Waters suggested the group disperse, specifically telling them to “go home.” Yes, that’s really what she told a group of homeless people.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this epic gaffe from the octogenarian legislator.

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  1. IMPEACH MAXINE WATERS ( said in her voice). Homeless people should get her face just like she suggested other people should do to republicans. IMPEACH MAXINE, IMPEACH MAXINE.

  2. The Sad Part Is I Bet Half If Not All Those Homeless People Voted For Her And Probably Not Once But Many Times When Well People Learn The Democratic Party Doesn't Care About You Just Because She's Black Does That Mean She Cares About Black People She Clearly Doesn't All She Cares About Is Her Money And Power Politicians Are The Most Psychopathic Narcissistic And Power Hunger People On Earth Stop Looking To Them To Fix Your Problems

  3. ¡Jimmy Dore reveals as why the extremely morally corrupt Republicans and Libertarians continue to get elected especially reelected! – 7:28 pm Pacific DayLight Savings Time on Tuesday, 5 April 2022 Common Era or CE formerly known as Ano Domini or AD

  4. "No one in Washington works harder for you than I do" – you don't do sh*t, and no one does more than that!

    Jimmy, that's why Hillary Clinton got Trump to run: so that she would have a straw man who would scare people into voting for her. And the blue check Democrats are still getting their money's worth out of TDS with the shitlibs who keep voting for them.

  5. We have a major crisis throughout America . Inflation with high housing, Food shortages, Gas at $5 gallon ,,utilities sky rocketing .. The cost of living is out of control. While our Government fails her people and send Billions of $$$$$$$ in Aid to Ukraine , Isreal and other nations. Charity begins at HOME. Better fix this problem before the people takes matters in their own hands.
    I suggest politicians give up their houses and live in tints until every citizen has a home. Thats what Ghadafi did and you Bastards killed him.

  6. The downside of having a multi decade long super majority, you can't blame your political opponents for things not getting done. They need an accounting of the billions of dollars that have been spent over the last 20 years, where has it gone?

  7. It's time to admit that the Democrats can't fix homelessness. In CA the party controls every level of state government, and we've also voted for three initiatives totaling multi-billions of dollars to help these people. There is no other party to blame but since the Dem voters don't complain about anything their party does, why do anything? And even some of these folks thanked Waters. Thank you ma'am, may I have another?

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