Dem Insiders FREAK At Incompetent Biden | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at the reporting from inside Democratic party circles and the Biden administration with top officials freaking out about the White House’s incompetence

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  1. I like Breaking Points, but that “cable news is ripping us apart” pitch at the end of every single video is incredibly annoying. Like, I might stop watching the channel just so I won’t have to hear it over and over.

  2. Who knew basement dwelling Biden woud turn out to be so useless,, or that his Vice President who was picked for her sex and race (it certainly wasn't her ability was it) would also turn out to be even worse, colour me surprised, NOT.

  3. The biggest thing happening this year I’ve never seen, is an intellectual questing and attack on Woke Religion. It’s bad for corporations who adopted it too, because it appears to be legitimate Christian persecution.

  4. And yet Krystal, with all you know now if an election was called tomorrow you'd vote Democrat, you're just one more blue no matter who, i imagine you voted for Biden, in fact i'm sure of it, after all, Trump sent mean tweets, how dare he.

  5. I like how you made it about Roe v Wade. This country has WAY bigger issues than that. YOU still can't see it? Nothing do to with Roe v Wade, have you forgotten inflation, the border, crime. Oh yeah leaving Billions in military equipment. Total S888 show.

  6. I am sorry but the abortion issue, as you state it, is disingenuous. The abortion decision was returned to the states to decide – no longer a federal issue.

  7. Democrats didn't have to push Hillary or Biden as candidates. Still haven't figured out why they lost in 2016. Still deflect the blame for what happens. If they just let the people pick who the nominee in 2016 is we wouldn't be talking about Roe v Wade.

  8. So where's the Ron klain interview??? You guys need to have the actual people in charge on this show making their case.

    Why are you guys so lazy, just pontificating and reading other journalist articles

  9. Please stop using the term "leader" or "leadership". Those in DC are none of those things to anyone outside the beltway. They're clowns. Buffoons. Imbeciles. Parasites. They are not leaders and no one is following them. We just don't have a choice.

  10. On the contrary, they are doing a great job. They went into office with promises about things people cared about, such as Medicare for All and fixing the Student Loan Crisis, and now they don't have to DO anything about any of those. We have now been diverted by inflation, food chain problems, more than doubling gas prices and Roe on top of all that. Anybody even remember Medicare for all? Nobody is talking about it. Covid is STILL a world wide crisis. Millions of us don't have adequate Health Care because we can't afford to go to the Doctor. Millions more of us will eventually go bankrupt when we begin to have serious medical problems we can't ignore, that are increased in severity by our lack of adequate health care. The existing NO health, health care system has been saved from change. The Pharma Companies are safe. The student loan monster has been saved from change. The racketeers who have maneuvered students into unnecessary debt are saved from change. These two major crises averted by the administration already! But we will all be cheering in a few months when gas prices are down a few pennies, food prices are down a couple percent, and maybe somewhere, in some state, a few people who can afford it, and can get there, have access to adequate women's health care including abortion. What we won't have will still be affordable health care. Poor kids will still be paying the student loan racketeers for the rest of their lives while they serve drinks or work in the Amazon warehouse.

    Sometimes the actions of the people in charge only look incompetent and stupid to us because we think their goals are the same as ours. Their actions don't accomplish our goals, but maybe their seeming incompetence in reality does accomplish THEIR goals.

  11. The way Krystal won't let the Roe versus Wade decision go is just one of many reasons why she's not a journalist but just a YouTuber LARPing as a journalist. It was never meant to be a federal issue. It was always a states rights issue. You just want to kill babies because you're a brainwashed cult member who wants to kill babies. Just admit it crystal. I won't agree with you but at least people could respect you for saying the truth instead of pretending that it's women's rights when abortion is really murder.

  12. Look at all the trump appointments that are still in place like Powell, DeJoy and that IRS guy! The Biden administration with Becerra working to privatize Medicare continuing Trump policy after he increases struggling recipients premiums. This guy is a republican and always has been and Saagar is right it is democrat leadership too that is to blame.

  13. I guarantee you most Zoomers and even some Millennials don't even know who Debra Messing is. The ego on that washed up actress to think that she got Biden elected. How the hell do these self-proclaimed celebrities get in on a call with Biden's Puppet Masters anyway?

  14. And I care about Debera Messing Why? Voters care about Inflation, Food & Gas Prices, Recession. Mainstream media cares about Jan 6th, Ukraine, Abortion, Hollywood woke…

  15. Its clear. The D's wanted Roe to get overturned to help their elections.
    They knew that abortion woukd still be availiable at some level in most places in America.

  16. I wish someone would report on what is in President Biden's New World Order Agenda… it's completely Corporatist and destroys The United States' Sovereignty!!! It has disappeared from the internet after bits and pieces were leaked. President Biden's Resignation should be demanded by the Democrats!!!! His handlers are making decisions for him and he's going along!!!

  17. Dems could have passed a law to make abortion legal up until the 20th week, in 2015 and in 2017, with exceptions for extreme cases. This would have been more lenient than any Western country. Yet democrats blew it because their extremist constituency wanted abortion, full term, on demand. Something the majority of the public does not support. Now democrats can't even define what a woman is. They've come a long way, baby.

  18. It's comical that Krystal thinks that the voter base is changing BECAUSE of RVW.

    It's also ironic that she tries to out the vote blue no matter who crowed, as if she isn't a part of it.

    This shows how out of touch she really is. The woman is an activist, not a reporter.

  19. Who would've thought that empty, opportunistic, corrupt followers don't make for good leaders.. then again that's why they were put in office by their overlords in the first place..

  20. Boo hoo, Krystal. You wanted the complete opposite of Trump in the White House, and that's exactly what you have now. Your "adults are back in charge", so quit whining like a disappointed little girl. Everyone who voted for Trump could see this coming from a mile away and knew this is what a Biden presidency and administration would be like, but you and the other Dems thought you were smarter and knew better than those uneducated Trumpers.

  21. So, you guys are just cranking out redundant content. We knew this was how it was going to be with Biden before he got in the WH. Why are you reporting this nonsense. You should continuously be slamming and berating those that voted for him. You should be broadcasting what people can do to cancel this party, this government – both Republican and Democratic parties. What you ARE doing is just being another mouth that says what we already know. Offer something helpful. And, you can pass this along to Kyle as well. Give us something other than what we already know.

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