Dem Party FAILS in Judicial Watch Clean Election Lawsuit!


A federal court rejected a motion by Democratic Party of Illinois to intervene as a defendant in Judicial Watch’s lawsuit challenging an Illinois election law permitting mail-in ballots to be received as long as two weeks after Election Day.

The ruling and opinion come in the federal lawsuit Judicial Watch filed on behalf of Congressman Mike Bost and two other registered Illinois voters to prevent state election officials from extending Election Day for 14 days beyond the date established by federal law (Rep.Michael J. Bost, Laura Pollastrini, and Susan Sweeney v. The Illinois State Board of Elections and Bernadette Matthews (No. 1:22-cv-02754)).



Written by Judicial Watch


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  1. It's election 'day.' Not election, days, or weeks, or even longer.
    Ballots should be counted ONLY as prescribed by law, and only in the time period prescribed by law.

    No lawyer, or judge, or even elected official has the right or power to alter, ignore, or make invalid the laws for elections, based on their feelings, or their personal opinion, or based on their political persuasion or political ambitions.

    Election laws in nearly every state, are set, altered, deleted, or appended, "BY THE LEGISLATIVE BODY," of that state. Those legislators, that were elected by their constitutes, for the purpose of creating, altering, or voiding laws in that state.
    And no one outside that body of elected legislators, has the legal power to step in and go against that established law.

    In addition, if you vote for weeks, before the noted election DAY, how do you KNOW, without question, that you're ballot was counted and counted for the candidate of your choice?
    With very few exceptions, it is sheer stupidity, to think that your mailed in ballot, a month before the day of election, will be counted fairly, especially if your vote is cast for a candidate that's not of the "controlling Party," as we have seen in 2020 and afterwards.

    In addition to that, paper ballots become a means to overpopulate votes, even outnumbering the voters of a state! Because of ballot harvesting.
    Again, as we saw in 2020.

    Make your vote count! Get to the polls on election day and cast your vote in person… Don't leave it to shady people, to do anything in a free and fair way.

  2. In New York as I live in a very large Apt complex . At Every election times I see way to many many strange name junk or political mailings show up here with made up names ! 20 ! I took a look at just 5 of them ! They didn’t exist !!!

  3. Washington state doesn't clean their rolls in violation of Federal law. I still receive ballots for my ex-wife that moved out of state 15 years ago.
    And the Senate race is so close, within the margin of error, but we know they will fill a bunch of unclaimed ballots for the win.
    No one cares about freedom in Washington state. The NRA abandoned us too.

  4. Maybe we should let the lottery folks handle our elections. We know instantly who wins the lotto. Are they smarter than the rest of us or more crooked, hahaha. Probably a little of both, hahaha. 🙂

  5. If America doesn't enforce severe punishment for those government elected officials who choose to commit serious crimes and treasonous acts, that they are 100% GUILTY of knowingly willingly committing and regardless of the evidence they never face accountability or punishment and have no fear of going to prison we will continue to see undeniable corruption and treasonous acts against America and it's citizens from future officials because why not they are exempt from the laws and any punishment !! Enough of this BS, these corrupt domestic enemies and traitors must be dragged to the gallows and the sentence of death carried out for JUSTICE to be upheld

  6. Good work (so far) Judicial Watch👍
    There is M. A. G. A., but there should also be S. E. C. A. (Stop Election Cheating Again).

    Americans, if you let the Democrats do it again this time, for the midterms, they will control the voting system permanently hereafter. Permanent Democrat, socialist rule – the path to Venezuela (where citizens hunt rats to live, and government death squads’ hunt down dissidents).


  7. It's legalized election fraud. If these rules are illegal, why has this not been referred to federal law enforcement? Because federal law enforcement is corrupt. Is there any way to impeach AGs and DAs for derilection of duties?

  8. I live in WA where all voting is by mail in, and for many years we have always gotten a ballot for a daughter that hasn’t lived here since ‘95. She was in the Navy and lived and voted in San Diego. Later moved to AZ and has been voting there for years. I know of several other people who also get extra ballots! Whatever happened to “if you don’t vote for four years your name is removed from the voter rolls”?

  9. If i were a candidate and lost by 1000 votes the 14 day period allows me to come up with 1100 ballots and win. I posted this 2 days before you posted this video by the way.

  10. Thank you for challenging unlawful election issues. America needs free and fair elections. Five people I talked to today refuse to vote because they believe their vote doesn’t count. That is horrible to mistrust our election system so much that you don’t bother to vote.

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