Dem urges caution on massive reconciliation package

Rep. Ed Case urged caution on the reconciliation package.

Written by The Hill

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  1. MAJOR Infrastructure repair and upgrading that raises the Debt?
    Future Generations will be paying for it?
    It's good paying jobs paying American workers that is going to be used by FUTURE Generations, why SHOULDN'T they be the ones paying for it?

  2. These ppl are silly who support austerity.
    These 2party Neolibs are busy trying to destroy the US ECONOMY they only support FED-Treasurer producing funds for endless warfare, but support funding for all Americans is a pay4tax project is disgusting.

  3. Too many dual citizens asylum seekers student visas all up in our government with their 3rd world mandatory mask experimental vaccine lockdowns and dual citizens shouldn't be able to work for the American people government because they don't fight for freedom they fight for lockdowns and We Are One Nation

  4. So maybe we can take the money from the Pentagon lobster and shrimp budget? The senators that spend 10k on a chair or 50k on redecorating. They voted to give themselves a second raise yesterday. Just please to give to slavery reconciliation or Pakistan .

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