Dem Who Said ‘I Don’t Give A F**k What Happens to Anti-Vaxxers’ Dies




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  1. Every single person I know who took the jabs has had Covid. They all insist “it would have been so much worse” and some of them had to wait until they recovered from the coof before scurrying to get that fourth one.

    I’m 74 and I refused the jab and (so far) haven’t had it.

  2. I do delivery work and earlier this was threatened by this one guy I was delivering to. He was asking me if I'd had the jab & why wasn't I wearing a mask, which I replied he wasn't either lol. He got wound up (stated he hadn't left the house in 2 years lol) & ran at me, at which point his wife screamed 'Nooo'. Then like a lapdog he ran back in. Total muppet. I reported him as a problem customer so he may no get deliveries in future. I do wonder how he's getting on after his jabs.

  3. Guess what? I'm a 51 year old pure blood that has never had COVID at all & I'm alive & kicking. I guess my immune system is awesome. I've also never have had the flu or a flu shot. This guy was what? 41? That's what he gets for trusting the elites & big pharma. 🤷

  4. I have a uncle been healthy all his life and took the jab now has lung issues and onset of Parkinsons.
    Also had a friend of the family that took the jab and less than a week later dead from a stroke with no family heart issues.
    Hrmmm nahh, im good without it.

  5. I’m serious, I believe the sauce was developed by the “powers that be” to get rid Left Wing morons. When you think about, no society can run with lazy, useless, stupid people. The “powers that be” probably said how do we get rid of these idiots in the easiest possible manner? They came up with the idea of the jab and let the idiots essentially commit self-euthanasia. No rational person, especially with the most recent data, would choose to get the jab. Yet, idiots are still lined-up to get the most recent Fauci-Sauce injection.

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