Demand For Racism Outstrips Supply

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  1. "those folks" won't be swayed, they are all evil, any who aren't have already realized that this is wrong, stop trying to save them, they will remain evil and use it against you.

  2. Unis report lots of racism yet work to segregate their students based on race

    answer this riddle: if neither the white students nor the black students are pretty much ever in the same place, who is responsible for most hate crimes against black students in areas frequented by only black students?

  3. Maybe the water fountain thing was a statement about how whitey fills his bottle and Tyrone just drinks out of the fountain… Sounds like a dumb joke I could have made in the long ago… Just dumb not really racist… The activists are just cringe…

  4. Black's are racist reason they live in a time warp and think that whites are racist, it time to say absulutely rubbish, we have enough problems in the world, like bully box putin, 😁😁😁

  5. Just remember that when they say "representation" they mean 5x representation. 12% African population in your nation? Well obviously they need 50% representation. Supreme Court in the US is a 9 person bench, with already an 11% black make up, but that's not enough. Because in a nation of 60% non-hispanic white, there shouldn't be a single white man on the court obviously.

    Sadly we are in this position of illogical nonsense not because of communists but because of the liberals who buy this bullshit day in and day out and have for decades.

  6. As much as I love watching conservatives expose this nonsense, can we all stop beating around the bush and just say the obvious. Black Americans are some of the biggest racists this world has ever seen.

  7. Who would believe that in present year A. The KKK, a group that can barely keep itself existing, would attack anyone in an attention drawing manner B. Use mail C. Be white and a member of the KKK?
    That's ingroupers exploiting other ingroupers

  8. Well, didn't the Smollet case just proof that there's not enough racism left that people have to stage it? If anything good comes out of it I actually think it's showing that racism isn't by any take a problem of the degree it was in the past…
    BTW, the argument will be (as with Smollet) that still white supremacy is the fault that she had to do it, because society has suppressed her so much that it was a righteous act to spotlight the problem with white supremacy… that isn't there, no matter how many spotlight they use to light up the woods, if you catch my drift…

  9. And if it is of any consolation. Perhaps we don't need to worry about wokeness anymore in the near future, as Putin seems to try to create a generation of "hard men" again…
    Hard men create good times… good times create weak men… weak men create hard times… hard times create hard men. and so the cookie crumbles… again… and again… and again… and again…

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