Demented, Visibly Tired Biden Wanders, Confused, on His Way into the White House

Imagine if this was Trump:


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  1. My 2 cents: I always watch your two "youtube" videos on youtube and pivots them. I watch all others on Rumble or Bitchute. I do this because I think it's important to "tell" youtube that I "like" your content. Maybe this is wrong think but…well, that's it.

  2. It's very sad. Even though I'm no fan of his, I think it very possible that he was actually exploited by the Democratic Party to win the presidency. I've heard this theory before but it seems much more likely the longer Sleepy Joe is in the White House.

  3. Age doesn't matter. Our national dog club had a major player step down because, at 96, she felt maybe she needs to slow down.

    On the other side the youngest person diagnosed with alzhymers was 27.

  4. You can add that time Biden was 2 hours late to a NATO presser to the list of incidents that raise serious questions about his health. Biden emerges from his alzheimers drug den trying to do a Team America Badass walk for the cameras which sorta works until he gets spooked by a decorative line feature on the floor and the act falls apart for 10 seconds. Guy acted like the fricking architect was trying to trick him into jumping off a cliff for a moment.

  5. The country is over, I'm so black pilled over everything at this point, Ramz's latest video summed it up, Vax pass's and employment mandates are popping up everywhere.

  6. Talked with a former secret service agent.
    Reagan was at his ranch. No longer President. Was having a period of clarity and wanted to ride his horse. He did, but the secret service guys let him know that it would be his last ride.
    It happened, Reagan thanked the detail, and a bit later (after the ride) he became "lost" again.
    Reagan never regained being the man he was.

  7. Maybe this is more of an argument on an age cap for presidency. I personally think this would keep old people living in the past from trying to negate progress.

  8. I think Biden ran in 2020, because if he was at risk for being charged with crimes if he wasn't in the Oval Office. We had Biden admitting he blackmailed the Ukraine into denying them a Billion in aid, if they didn't fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter. I'm sure there are many other crimes that Biden's committed.

  9. geeze the asshole said things about Biden that CNN and other news wouldn't show, that he didn't show either, but we are supposed to trust him more than FOX who also didn't show it?