Democracy Now Pushes For War & Peace In Ukraine?

On a recent episode of Democracy Now, host Amy Goodman opened the show with a video of a Ukrainian choir singing their demands for, according to Goodman, “peace and a no-fly zone.” The two are mutually exclusive, of course, as a no-fly zone would bring NATO and Russia into direct conflict, so the possibility of peace AND a no-fly zone is a non-starter, as Goodman well knows.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( ) discuss all the ways the once-great Democracy Now has gone off the rails and sacrificed its progressive bona fides in the process.

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  1. A wise man once said "democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner" maybe democracy is like progressivism not so great. Don't think I trust any advocate for democracy anymore. Peaceful anarchism seems a better way than any of the bull shit the guys with WMDs create.

  2. The stupidity and igorance of Jimmy D is staggering and with his constant message on behalf of Putin he sounds more and more like the same media in Russia that are under hard censorship which ofcourse he is not reporting on, like so many bad things about Putins Russia Jimmy D funny enough never seems to find interesting "reports" about – speaking about Manufacturing consent. Speaking about saying the truth 🙂

    Putin is dictating the countries around Russia to become like under the Soviet Union in effect under Russian control which means dicatorship – then and only then you will get peace under Russia' terms which is what Jimmy D/Mate/Sputnink/RT and other Putin puppets ofcourse are saying. All countries around Russia should in fact have no saying on their own but should adhere to Putin and Russia. Then they will become "neutral" – LOL. Freeing 44 mio. from Nazism to "neutrality" The stupidity is staggering!

    "Neutral" like the dictatorship of Belarus or the dictatorship of Chechnya both helping Putin in his war in Ukraine at the moment. And ofcourse also not reported by Jimmy D who as usual are going up the walls about the US' part in the conflict like everything in this world is about the US. Thats the arrogance and ignorance of the so called "progessive" Jimmy D. Well Europe is bigger than the US in terms of population Jimmy Dumb and we have a history much longer than the US, have an actual welfare system you don't have in the US and are able to think for our self!!

    There are things one should be willing to fight and die for which I know is difficult to grasp sitting in the US, the world safest country in the world who will never be attacked by anyone. Sometime a peace 100% dicatated by the opponent is not a piece worth living. You have no clue how to live under a Soviet Union regime for 50 years, to live under the current dicatorship in Russia with tick state propaganda. People being thrown in jails for years calling the war in Ukraine for a war, killed for speaking their mind or just demonstrating for peace, all like taking directly from George Orwell' 1984 book. The "treacherous" bad people Putin are targeting at home and abroad who do not stand in perfect line of his twisted and fucked up thoughts about how the world should be with Russia' old imperialism coming back to life the last 20 years.

    All of this is funny enough never reported on the media in Russia like on other Putin puppets newslet like "the Jimmy Dore show". No they are focusing on their propaganda including smeering the truth like what is reported on Democracy Now – a truth that is complex and has a Europe history Jimmy D didn't even bother looking into before pushing hes usual narritive subjects like any war in the world is about the same indirectly letting everyone outside the US know how arrogant, clueless and ignorant he really is.

  3. AAron! Democracy now has been controlled opposition for a LONG time. An exCIA agent who was JAILED after9/11, the patriot act was used on her. She was told by superiors to stay out of Manhattan on 9/11 and much more. She contacted Goodman from JAIL, thinking she would help and cover her story. NADA!

  4. Aaron, Amy is calling for a no fly zone that might cause WW3 that young people will have to go and fight. Her wrinkly elite ass will get to sit and watch on her couch from her living room. She's corrupt 💯

  5. Combination of factors that led to DN!’s demise:

    – Trump derangement syndrome (which led to embracing Russia-gate, developing 3rd party allergies and malignment with the DNC).

    – Blind endorsement of Right Livelihood Award recipients (like the White Helmets)

    – Nermeen Shaikh’s PC and Ottomanic views that weight heavily on Syria.

    – After watching DN! for over 20 years I don’t remember them retracting anything. Which wasn’t an issue when they used to get things right, but now?

    – Turning away from frequent guests that use to offer guidance, like Glenn Greenwald.

    – COVID derangement syndrome.

  6. I imagine if you ever voice anything against the establishment in the US then you better have all your ducks in a row such as tax etc as I imagine they come after you with audits and other harassing tactics…

  7. They are not singing the hymn, they were singing Taras Shevchenko verse about the Dnipro. Popular song, which often was sung in Ukraine during soviet times. They were told that no fly zone means, no aircraft in the in their narrow minds they sang against war, when in reality, they had no clue what no fly zone is.

  8. That is the most uncomfortable I have seen that guest ever when Jimmy was calling out his mentor…. Anyone who has changed as much as AMY on Democracy Now is a paid propaganda tool.. The crazy pandemic coverage sucked her in and she isnt coming back…. Aaron is a great reporter but he needs to grow up Amy is no one friend as she promotes war and serves up the AP stories…. AP=American Propaganda

  9. Aaron, stop making excuses for Amy Goodman, She knows what she's doing and saying, DON'T jeopardize your credibility !!! SHE WOULDN'T DO IT FOR YOU, JIMMY IS RIGHT!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PAY CHECK !!!

  10. You know, Jimmy, you are taking what she is reporting out of context to support your extreme anti-left agenda. You really have become another Alex Jones, only without the screaming and snake oil side hustle.

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