Democrat ADMITS They Think Biden Is Guilty, Says They Will Vote For Him Anyway In Severe TDS Case

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  1. Tim's good. I enjoy his videos and his take on things. But, he's kidding himself when he constantly says he doesn't know if he's going to vote for Trump. Of course he is. He's more clear-minded now about Trump than he's ever been. And he's closer than ever to pulling the lever for Trump. And why would he not? Sanity and wisdom are telling him he should. And I'm 99% sure he will.

  2. True Presidents have said dumb things. The left says that Trump has the oratory skills of a 3 year old. Apparently they forget that Obama's most used sound when giving a non teleprompter speech was "uhh".

  3. Why is anyone surprised?

    Lisa Bloom and her mother Gloria Allred are the very definition of ambulance chasers…
    Oh and Gloria just so happened to try and silence Weinstein's accusers.

    I mean she considers being called a "formidable cunt" a badge of honor….these people are less mature than my 10 year old.

    nearly every single high profile sexual assault allegation the Left WANTED to be true Bloom and Allred are johnny on the spot, making media rounds. They have the "sad pout" face down pat when they appear behind the "victim" during a press conference. That's no exaggeration either, nearly every. single. one these women are right there on the news talking about it.

    Every single person the Left DOESN'T want the accusation to be true on, Bloom and Allred target the "victim".
    Weinstein, Spacey, Biden…..

    I actually think they were caught paying people to accuse others of stuff….i think that as a story like a year ago. How they haven't been disbarred yet I have zero idea.

  4. Imagine being so woke, you're willing to put someone who sexually abused victims in a position of power because orange man bad.

    Even worse, they tried to get orange man not elected because he allegedly grab some pussies. Why isnt Bernie being held to that standard? Because orange man bad

  5. Even if this thing with Reade and Biden didn't come out. You would be choosing between Trump, whom they claim is insane, #false news, and a guy that is obviously struggling with some type of dementia.

  6. Lisa Bloom is Gloria Allred’s daughter which isn’t surprising, but still this fact alone should give people pause. I always say when your livelihood comes from being an activist you have every reason in the world to want what you claim to be against continuing. The sad part is that it doesn’t matter if Lisa Bloom believes Tara Reade, if she is willing to sacrifice her at the alter of defeating Trump. I truly hope this is the end of Lisa Bloom’s career as a feminist activist. It won’t be, but at least we will all know and remember that she, and her ilk are the ones that allow and benefit from women being abused.