Democrat Blue Anon Theories May Be The BIGGEST Threat To “American Democracy” But Media PROTECTS IT

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  1. Democrats have created a false reality by Jan 6 and Qanon that Republicans are Terrorists, Nazis, cold blooded psychopaths.
    But when you look at the actions, that is what Democrats are and things will not change til more people start seeing that. They don’t care about anyone, even their base. Cuomo killed people in nursing homes. Some of those people had to be Democrat supporters, right? Look at Richard Levine. He took his mom out of the nursing home. So I know there has to be some Democrat kin that had relatives in nursing homes and yet we hear nothing from them. I don’t think the Dem base stands for anything. They just follow what their masters say and never put up a fight even when they’re are hurt by their policies.

  2. The biggest threat to American democracy is over-reaching politicians backed up by Big Tech and the MSM. With no one to call out their unconstitutional moves the Left is trampling all of our rights and will not stop until they have total and eternal power.

  3. I remember when Pansexual was a term that described someone as being into man or beast, alive or dead, young or old (you know, kiddie and granny, everything in-between)…now? It got changed. I don’t even know what it is anymore, nor do I care.
    I don’t care if someone wears a mask or not, freedom of choice, however, when I’m at work, I’ll feel anxious as 1 that’s a hefty fine 2 could shut my job down, so I’m nervous.
    The left has BlueAnon, the right has QAnon, I admit I was a QAnon hopeful (I wanted it to be true, but alas, never was) however I slowly just saw them as useful idiots, I’ll defend them here and there, but I’ll equally make fun of them.
    In like 10 years at This Rate (I have some hope for the human race) we will be looking back and saying “remember when Trump was a dictator? Those were the days”

  4. And they will go to prison if they don’t endure. They will follow orders until the order conflicts with their values and understanding of their oath to the constitution-. Raw chicken is no reason to go to prison. Asking me to arm myself against an American citizen is…

  5. Isn't Q supposed to be fixing things from the inside? Someone was trying to tell me Q was real, sent me videos. A whole bunch of calm before the storm stuff. Didn't interest me. Thing is, it looks harmless. Doesn't deserve the attention it has been given.

  6. How it’s going: Blue Anon is gaslighting and used to deflect.

    By Wednesday: Blue Anon is racist.

    By Friday: Blue Anon is a system of white supremacy used to oppress all.

    By Saturday: the word Blue and Anon “in combination”is illegal.

    By Monday next week: the first death penalty for using a B$&@ A#%*.

  7. We do not choose to wear a mask because we saw it on YouTube. We are free thinkers, we have done the research. We have listened to the Science and the Scientific and Medical Experts. We understand the Scientific Method. I do not trust Fauci, Bill Gates, Or ANY Government agent imposing unconstitutional mandates, lockdowns or decrees. We have this glorious document that tells me I can peaceable assemble anytime and with whomever I choose. For it is not nor has ever been about health, its about power and control and who will willingly be lead to the gas chambers and who will snitch on their neighbor. Now as for covids.. yer its real, however I know a virus will do what a virus will do.. no piece of cloth will stop it,, only N99 masks and higher are viral rated.. so if you haven't been trained one proper procedure on wearing and DISPOSAL you are causing more issues then helping. Now before you make the asinine argument is may stop respiratory droplets. please tell me what happens when the water evaporates,, the viral particle is now free to be re inhaled increasing your viral load or free to drift in the wind. Are you like 90% of the maskholes out there who stuff their moist bacterial and viral laden masks in their pockets or purses, Or do you toss your disposable masks on the ground outside Walmart. Riddle me this ,, if covids is so deadly why aren't masks required to be disposed on in hazardous material bins?? Stop and THINK… Live Free, Breath Free, Mask Free #NoMaskRequired

  8. What are we thinking here? How can we talk about what the "biggest threat" is and not mention that we are a few weeks from nearly every state and local government being insolvent? Who's going to pay the cops? Who's going to pay the mortgage and taxes on the retail spaces that have been closed? How about when they liquidate all the tenants who haven't paid rent? NOT ONE government official has said anything about what's going to get cut. That means they don't have an answer.

  9. "you gotta wear a T-shirt when you go to the store to"
    dummest thing I heared from you Tim

    Obviously not the same. I don`t see why you would say that again and again.

  10. But when you ask Democrats if the media is bias they actually say no. It is dumbfounding that someone could say that. That’s the first thing I ask a leftist before having conversation with them because if they can’t recognize that how do you rationalize with them?

  11. Qanon isn’t a violent thing, it’s only info there’s no type of activist part of it. and “Qanon” isn’t as crazy than thinking socialism is a good thing.

  12. bla bla bla you still double down on right wing protesters being bad, I really don't care what you have to say because you hold all the same positions as the 'corporate press' when it comes to things like this. REPEAT AFTER ME left wing protest good right wing protest bad!