Democrat BREAKS DOWN Crying After Losing House Seat, Dems Erupt Into Chaos Over Massive House Defeat

Democrat BREAKS DOWN Crying After Losing House Seat, Dems Erupt Into Chaos Over Massive House Defeat. While Trump is facing a very close defeat Democrats are entering their own internal civil war.

Liberal Democrats erupted in a private post election conference slamming far left candidates for costing them house seats giving Republicans a tremendous victory.

Biden is currently tracking to win the election while Trump decries fraud. Trump does still have legal paths to victory but it is starting to seem that he sees the writing on the wall and may start toning things down as he heads for defeat.

In the end this election cycle is turning out to be a loss for everyone, Democrats and Republicans. But Republicans seems to have lost the least.

They may lose the Presidency but they are on track for keeping the Senate and growing in the House.

The 2020 election results seem to show a repudiation of the culture war and a desire for moderation and normalcy.

They won’t get it as already culture war forces are preparing to go after “Trumpism”


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. We had to fight every day for 4 years, we watched our President Trump fight for us, take hit after hit while the left maligned us all., forever destroyed our friendship & caused family riftsThe. We can’t even wear a Trump hat outside.
    The left gave us fake Russiagate, Impeached our President and you think we are going to just take outright cheating & concede. Hell no.
    I’m not a Republican, I’m a Trumplican. Why would I be happy that the same Swamp creatures that didn’t stand up for shit are now back in power but the man that made it all possible gets cheated out of a win. I much prefer a Civil war & fighting for the greater good with our fearless leader Trump than to sit by and hope another Trump comes along. No one will have have his kahunas to take the personal beating day after day and stay in the fight. He could have just gone home & been a billionaire with a gorgeous family. He stayed in the fight for me, I’m in this fight for him.

  2. Is anyone stopping to think that we All may be are getting played? Seriously, The Hegelian Dialectic in full swing. The Great Reset is taking foot, and the dumbed downed nation is distracted yet again.

  3. if you can get over the fact that it's from Infowars, you will have your mind blown. Steve Pieczenik is a real guy. he's been helping the government for most of his life, and even though he doesn't work for them anymore, he knows everything that's going on.

    the biggest sting operation in US history. why aren't you making a video about it? i watch ALL your content and you make 20 minutes long rambling videos of random unverified stories all the time. Steve Pieczenik is given permission by the Department of Homeland Security to tell the world about the trap they set for the democrats, something that will unravel in the next few days and is being HEAVILY censored (post this on youtube, it gets removed instantly), why not talk about it? if this is true it's the biggest political scandal in history and the entire world will watch and laugh at us. google is censoring all articles about how kim jong un has threatened military intervention if biden steals the election. on google, all i can find are articles about how kim jong un hates trump…LOL. kim jong un and trump are friends, if you didn't know. they probably found common ground by shittalking obama together or maybe even talking about anime and kpop. kim jong un is a massive weeaboo. biden called kim jong un a "thug". imagine how bad our relations would be with north korea again if this idiot becomes president.

    please. make. a. video.

    it is also incredibly disturbing that EVERYONE KNOWS the election is rigged. if you have any understanding of statistics and historical precedents of elections you know what happened is almost statistically impossible. i'm not talking about the "130k biden votes that appeared over night". that was proven to be a data entry error. i'm talking about how both iowa and ohio (bellwether states) were +8% for trump, and trump won iowa, florida, ohio, and texas, yet SOMEHOW, we are expected to believe that biden flipped wisconsin and michigan blue? we're expected to believe georgia, who voted +7% for romney and +5% for trump in 2016 turned blue? we are expected to believe that trump gained 2% support across the board everywhere except the northeast, including CALIFORNIA, oregon, and washington, but in the specific "swing" states that report last and have long histories of voter fraud by democratic governors in the big cities…turned blue with just barely enough turnout and just barely enough votes?

    if you read other countries' news you would know. look at biden's twitter. he's getting blasted by people all over the world saying they won't accept him. you always talk about civil war, but Steve Pieczenik said we are not going to Civil War. the government has been onto the corruption of the deep state for a LONG time, and we're on the verge of catching them. no need for a civil war, thank god.

  4. Biden didn't win this election just like Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. Anyone else notice how us Trump supporters are the degenerates but they are the ones rioting? The Democrats are done because Trump freed Americans like Morpheus in the Matrix.

  5. many swing states had 'more votes cast' than they did 'registered voters'
    add to that the tens of thousands of dead people of 100+ years old who were registered to vote in multiple states
    duplicate ballots sent to entire towns, ballots sent to old addresses, or not sent at all, or never received, or tossed in a dumpster, or tossed in the garbage by poll workers, or manually changed by ballot counters, or, or, or….

    you really think joe biden drummed up more enthusiasm than barrack obama did?
    C'mon man!

  6. If Joe Biden gets in just make sure you're all saved and right with God. The hell that Joe Biden is going to unleash….Jesus' return will surely follow soon after.

  7. Covid is not over. If Trump loses, it proves that the media controls the minds of the people. Covid will be used to enslave everyone. Many of these people have already conceded to the fear. With new government in place they’ll begin shifting towards communism and people being naive will welcome the governments overreaching hand and control being that the little financial independence they once had has been crushed. It will be a choice of life and death. The walls aren’t closing in on Trump. They are closing in on us all Tim.

  8. F these people crying that other people don't know how to pronounce their names. What type of idiotic narcissism is that? I wonder if people in mud hut villages know how to pronounce Dutch last names. They don't? Dutch people don't give a fack? Thought so.

  9. Trump needs to address the nation soon and lay out the case for fraud. He needs to hammer home that fraud is obvious to anyone who can see lightning and hear thunder. Then he needs to call on Joe Biden to acknowledge the obvious, and concede. He must back Joe into a corner: Do the right thing and admit what everybody can see, or force the entire country through an ordeal that will tear it apart.

  10. The democrats are always gaslighting and have under estimated the American people. We need to stand tall and back our president as he has stood between them and us allowing our voices to be heard. So proud of our courageous President Donald Trump!

  11. Trump always has a trump card up his sleeve!!!!! He never comes out and says something unless he can prove it. Ballot papers are marked!!! He knew they would cheat to get him out .They have done everything to remove him for 4years. He is draining the swamp .❤from ??wwg1wga Patriots.

  12. Nah Tim, we're not going to lay down to this fraud. Absolutely not. This is exactly why we have 2A. If you believe they elected Republicans but not Trump, you're an idiot. Its so blatantly obvious what happened, and it's ridiculous to think people elected Republicans but not the guy that energized the voters

  13. Lol, a tame response? do you mean storming the polls and threatening the poll workers. you’re a joke. I hate the be the bearer of bad news but Trump supporters are rioting. How does it feel to lose to slow joe the hair sniffer. I do believe Hillary was the only person who sucked enough for Trump to win. omg, slow joe? you lost to slow joe and kamala harris who is hated almost as much as hillary.