Democrat Caught ADMITTING The Truth For Once!


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  1. Democratic Mayor : Defund the Police

    Citizens : There is crime everywhere!!!

    Democratic Mayor : Ban Guns!

    Citizens : Crime is now 10 times worse and criminals are just walking into stores and taking what they want in broad daylight!

    Democratic Mayor : We need to talk about pronouns…

  2. Hilarious! She's part of the problem who caused the people to be homeless and then they point the finger at everyone but themselves. You only wish she'd go back to her country and marry another brother or cousin and live a shity miserable pathic life she deserves.

  3. And after the election. It will be back to the usual. This is the pain we have to go through before things get better trope. Democrats are fantastic LOSERS AND LIARS

  4. I live in Minneapolis. She fails to mention that the worst of the worst crime is being done by the Somali community. They are the very people that put her in office.
    She is a huge con artist. She turned Minneapolis from a decent city to drive by shootings & teens assaults & car theft at gunpoint. Law abiding citizens are being terrorized. It was called Minnesota nice for a reason. Now you can’t trust that if you help someone out, that you wont get shot or carjacked. These types of crimes were a rarity. Now I can’t stand to watch the news.
    The news wont say it- but this whole Somali project has blown up in MN’s face. She wants to get rid of the Police? It is very voting district that is the PROBLEM. Want to fix it? get your voters under control.

  5. We, the People, MUST vote these ignorant, hateful, racist, corrupt, deceptive hypocrites aka DEMONCRATS, out!!!!!! Vote Red or we are all DEAD!!!❤️🇺🇲❤️🇺🇲❤️🇺🇲❤️🇺🇲❤️🇺🇲❤️🇺🇲

  6. They homeless don't need to be coddled .( I lived in an abandoned house and worked) get them ID's and get them off their asses and off the crack pipes.0 tolerance and tough love goes a long way.

  7. We don't deserve to have this beautiful land anymore. Our politicians are stupid, our people are stupid, hell I'm probably stupid. I can only hope the next stewards of this great continent do more with it than we have.

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