Democrat Chains Himself To Mailbox Because They Are All INSANE

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  1. They're full of themselves. That's why there are people like this idjit lawmaker, Jussie Smollett, Jonathan Lopez (wrote himself a hoax hate mail), Althea Bernstein (accidentally burned herself while trying to burn a government building), and Sabrina Belcher (South Carolina mayoral candidate fake her kidnap).

  2. You know what spreads corona like nothing else? Having a dude chained to a mailbox where everyone has to violate social distancing to post a letter meaning it is just as dangerous as voting in person.

  3. Sometimes I wish I was a democrat because democrats do what their voters want no matter how insane.

    Republicans put 0 effort into getting Obamas college records. Democrats are spending many millions trying to get Trumps tax records. We couldn't get republicans to look into Obama birth certificate. Democrats are entertaining an insane conspiracy about Trump stealing mail boxes.

  4. Move to Kansas! Good gun laws. Low violence in comparison to the rest of the country. Great BBQ. Couple calm-ish college towns and 3 big-ish cities. Ain't bad! Yet….

  5. Insane! That's true. I left as well. Used to be a registered Democrat.
    Obama crushed my spirit. A bastard child of Bush and the Clintons. I thought he was going to bitch slap the UN and say give me our money fools.. but he didn't. He said who do you want us to bomb for you.
    TRUMP 2Q2Q

  6. Tim! Take a break man. The news will still be here tomorrow. I appreciate your insatiable hunger for content creation but damn boi, take a minute fir Tim here and there.

  7. If he urinates in public, he should be fined…indecent exposure too! Listen, people are FREE TO REQUEST AN ABSENTEE BALLOT. However, mass mailings are extremely fraudulent.

  8. Election day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. New Jersey will mail a ballot to all active, registered voters for the General Election. You can also vote in person. New Jersey offers early voting.

  9. Isn't interfering with the delivery of US Mail a federal offence? Or did this Commie moron, redundant I know, let people use the mailbox he was "chained to"?