Democrat Convention Is A CRINGEFEST, Clinton EXPOSED And They Still Have Him Speak, TOTAL Hypocrisy

Tim and guest Keri Smith of the Unsafe Space podcast discuss how off the rails the DNC has gone, especially as relates to one specific speaker, Bill Clinton.

Guest: Keri Smith @ksemamajama on Twitter, @Unsafe Space on Twitter, YouTube

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Sorry Tim. Rush Limbaugh has been talking about this for decades… What do you think "save the whales," was? Liberals were trying to cancel Japan. Whats changed is the Republican party. They used to be the same way with christian cancel culture. I see things in media now that I never saw as a kid. And you don't see the churches canceling them. Hell how long have the liberals tried to cancel chic-fil-a? Longer than I can remember.

  2. If you have principles and they're based on emotion then you're a liberal. If you have principles that are based on money and power then you are a democrat or republican. If you have principles based on the constitution, fiscal responsibility and basic decency then you are a conservative. If you have no principles and vote in the direction the wind blows then you are an independent.

  3. Great video, showing how many on the Left still can see the lies, if exposed to the truth, that the media are trying to hard to remove and hide. God bless this new Trump supporter!

  4. Tim is right. They said things in past that seemed normal in those times and now they say what they perceive as normal but only is really to some fringe minority. They didn't change they knew how to really play politics and lie their ass off.

  5. Question, when Bill Clinton, was on SEX ISLAND, and photos were being taken of him, and others, with underaged girls, what was he thinking? That the photos, would NOT EVER show back up to haunt him? Or does he think he's ABOVE scrutiny? DUH?Or? does he think his behavior is normal? Like, blowjobs don't count, right? So, sex with underage girls must not count either, right?

  6. The Dems were taken over by the Bernie Marxists, Soros, AOC, YOung Turks et al. They infiltrated before and after the 2016 election. Though the Dems were always evil. Also from Canada. I pray for Trump. Without him, the entire West is lost to communist China. They have been infiltrating for over two decades.

  7. Cringefest is an understatement. Julia Louis Dreyfus' joke about Mike Pence and Kamala's name pronunciation was so hard to watch, cheesiest thing I've ever seen.

  8. When Clinton used to give a speech, he always spoke as if he'd just come from a focus group that had worked out just exactly what he was supposed to say. He was so phony and slick, like a time-share salesman trying to sell you something you never wanted. I get that a president needs to choose his words carefully, but I'll take Trump's ad-libbing over Clinton's over-polished phony crap.

  9. I come from a family of medical people who believe in women choosing their own reproductive health. Cousin who was a neo-natal flight nurse, a sister who worked neonatal and labor and delivery. They are horrified that Dems support the termination of a healthy, viable baby at 9 months. This is out right murder

  10. That Clinton and woke can coexist in a platform because large corporations support wokestry, which means the owners expect to benefit from its result, which is division in society. Divide and conquer.

  11. Lol. No the Democratic party hasn't changed. It is the same as always, all the way back to the days of the KKK, slavery, and Jim Crow. The specifics have changed, the ideals are ever the same. Patronizing, elitist, corrupt, superiority complexes abound.

  12. I love watching new actual woke people realize that the Democrat party has always been corrupt, and never cared about minorities or the working man…..they just want power and the taxpayers money

  13. Marx is not about redistributing wealth. This is what the social democratic parties in Europe made of it and what Lenin claimed. You are so damn stupid about Marx in america. Just read it. Marx is a True Liberal in the meaning of the liberalism of the 19th century. In a society inspired by Marx there is no need for redistributing anything because the benefit of the produced goods and services belong to the people anyway. Every time American folks talk about Marxism it is bs at its purest. Marx would only laugh at the woke sjw. It really hurts the brain hearing people talk about a thing you obviously don’t understand a thing

  14. You cant have a new marxism. Marxism is about power and redistribution of wealth is a falasy and those who believe they can redistribute it equally then claim they deaerve more. So it makes government the rich while making everyone else equally poor. And to try and claim new or old marxism is good is ignoring the reality of it which is the few in control of the masses.