Democrat COVID Hysteria BACKFIRES As Dem Voters Are Too Scared To Vote And Mailed Votes Get REJECTED

Democrat COVID Hysteria BACKFIRES As Dem Voters Are Too Scared To Vote And Mailed Votes Get REJECTED. In California nearly 100 voters tried to disinfect their ballots invalidating them.

As Democrats rushed to get their voters to vote by mail Trump was raising warnings about potential fraud. The media was quick to condemn Trump as a liar and encourage people to vote by mail.

Now that is backfiring as COVID fears run rampant among Democrats voters. Mail in votes have a higher failure rate according to Washington Post and the Atlantic.

If Joe Biden voters are more likely to vote by mail than Donald Trump voters than it stands to reason that Republicans face a huge and serious advantage as Democratic votes are more likely to be rejected.

A major failure.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Sorry Tim, You are being VERY naive if you think it's no big deal if Biden/Dems win. " you get 1 time to vote for a socialist, because they will take the power you give them & take away all the rest of your rights"!!!

  2. The question on my mind is this…If they are mailing out replacement ballots to those that sent in damaged ballots, are the damaged ballots being destroyed and NOT counted?

  3. Thumbs down because masks dont work. It literally says so on the box that it will not help for diseases and such. Statistics show that people that wear masks more catch covid more etc. Masks are part of the problem…….

  4. Tim, I’m a nurse of 32 years this is more political than it is anything even the elderly right now have a 99% recovery rate tell me it’s not political. If they closed our hospitals down for three months and laid off all the nurses because the census was low what does that tell you. The media is lying the Democrats are lying and Dr. elf yeah he was doing it because he loves the attention. When you lay off nurses we don’t have a crisis we have a political Shit show.

  5. There tend to be a huge difference in mentality between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives understand fear but still chose to face it and conquer it (storming an enemy position as an good example) whereas liberals (progressives) tend to cave to fear to a greater extent like giving in to bullies and letting assholes dominate you instead of challenging them. People don't have ideas, ideas and mentalities have people. No risk, no reward.

  6. The people getting unemployment seem to be the loudest voices. It HAS to be a super scary virus if they hope to keep the free money coming in. The game is over as soon as things go back to normal.

  7. You've got the tail wagging the dog. The Democrats are scared of COVID because the democratic media is pushing fear ONLY to support mail-in ballots. The thing about mail-in ballots is that almost every household is receiving extra ballots and SOME percentage of the Democratic votary will be willing to fraudulently send in those ballots. I just received my 'extra' ballot a couple days ago. The person who's name is on the ballot is a previous tenant who left California 6 months ago. We are going to see hundreds of thousands of extra fraudulent votes this cycle even before the normal DNC fraud machine gets started on their harvesting operations. COVID-fear mongering is ONLY about maximizing voter fraud.

  8. Where is 4Chan when you need them. Someone please start a rumor that Covid-positive Republican postal-service workers are coughing on main-in ballots so that Democrats die of Covid. They will believe anything since fear and hate makes people gullible.

  9. Democrat Ballots must be cleaned with sulphuric acid. A two hour dip should do it. Then wrap them in 5 lbs of lead foil (radiation protection) and send them in special delivery overnight.

  10. Tim Pool, be looking for a very serious bomb to drop involving Seal Team Six with Obama Biden Clinton and a $152 billion. We enjoy your reports brother…

  11. Trump has cut his ad budget to support more field operatives. Is his plan to out cheat the Democrats? The Trump plan has been working for two years. Biden is just now ramping up his field operation.