Democrat Cuomo Accused Of CRIMINAL Conspiracy After Being Exposed Ordering Death Data To Be REMOVED

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  1. Of course they were worried about the death toll being politicized! It was a political move from the start to point the finger at adolph trump!

    Orange man bad supporters were pointing this out as soon as the order was made!

  2. Wow… I really wish, with your "perfect" 20/20 hindsight, you would run for president… I have no problem with you criticizing whoever the president is or was, but C'mon man, stop with the false equivalencies between Trump and the deliberate criminal actions of the democrats…

  3. jesus i am so sick of everyone blaming trump. youre better than that tim– besides, trump cant fire fauci hes a public servent he wasnt able to unfortunately

  4. Tim, you're the one in denial as to where this goes and ends, we knew 3 years ago at the latest. Violence is the only resort to the propaganda machine.

  5. The powers that be expect an apology to fix everything. Is peons get fines, police harassment and threats of criminal charges if we don’t follow the “Covid rules”. Pfft

  6. I laugh when people scrutinize trump and voted for him. You realize that’s the last legitimate president right? It’s over. America is dead. An election was blatantly stolen in front of our faces and we did nothing. So yes America is dead. Every “president” from here on out is installed. Hell it’s probably been like that for decades but trump got so many votes that the 2016 election couldn’t be stolen.

  7. Cuomo put these people in nursing homes knowing it would kill many. He did this with the USS Comfort , military hospital ship with 1000 staffed equipped beds at the dock in NYC. 2300 bed at the Javitz Center staffed and two other military field hospitals. Went unused to not give credit to Trump. This man killed 1000's of elderly knowingly. Skewered data as the world was trying to figure out the virus.

  8. Trump got ventilators built from scratch. Got a vacine out in 10 months not 4-5 or more years. Closed our boarders to China against Fauci and all at the table. How fast the conversation is Trump and no conversation of China insulating itself from Wuhan and unleashing it on the planet and lying about transmission to let the virus get established.

  9. Edit: One more thing. The CDC's thing was only a guideline. One they only suggested when there were no other choices.

    Everyone who helped bury or ignored this story when there were people screaming it desperately are morally fetid. I don't care if they did so because they weren't bothering to pay attention or if they did so for the political optics. Anyone who continues to praise/protect these officials who did this are on board for every death and endangerment of lives. How many of these fools are now shaking their fingers about lessening restrictions? As if they care about lives. Clearly they don't if they are still backing him.

  10. The reason they didn't say just wear a scarf or something at the beginning is because we already had huge well documented peer reviewed studies that showed clothe masks do very little (in fact some showed basically nothing) for influenza like illnesses. We even did it right after SARS-1 because of the concern of what if SARS came back… so when it did we were like well we know that doesn't work. It wasn't until it became political that all of a sudden dubious studies came out proclaiming they are the best

    And Cuomo might not have told the nursing homes to shut up but he did something worse. You might recall back then part of why some people were making it a big deal was because he was FINING THEM if they didn't take in covid patients

  11. Nothing is going to happen to any part of the Corporate Monopoly of News Corp. But Yes, they should be charges at a minimum of Aiding and Abating but they are just as guilty of Accessory to Murder buy helping to covering up what that dictator Cuomo did. But again, nothing is going to happen, unless the people demand it or effectively hurt them where it really hurts, in their pocketbook. I do not like boycotts unless it is absolutely the only way to get at them and in this case a boycott of every company that has ads on the all the news service may be the only way. That of course would be almost impossible. The only other way would be to find one hell of a good lawyer that could sue them for millions for each person that lost a loved one. Then do the same in NJ because the governor there did the same thing I'm told. If it is true, the press is guilty of covering that up too.
    But in New York, Cuomo is not the only one guilty. Many city officials were negligent as well as the county and state governor and councils, they all could have stopped this from happening. Everyone knew that he was doing it and it was well publicized, they did nothing and they all had the power to stop that idiot from putting those sick people in nursing homes and non of them took any action to stop Cuomo. So they are definitely Accessories to Murder, especially the county and state departments of health services. They knew what it would do to put those sick people in nursing homes with the elderly that had weakened immune systems. And maybe even the nursing homes themselves should be charged and sued. The only I was just following orders will not help in this case as they all knew what it would do to those elderly people and they could have refused to take the Covid sick in. This was not negligence, this was straight up murder, just like in the Nazi Concentration Camps.