Democrat Dark Brandon Meme BACKFIRES After They Post OFFENSIVE Meme In HILARIOUS Self Own

Democrat Dark Brandon Meme BACKFIRES After They Post OFFENSIVE Meme In HILARIOUS Self Own. Democrats are trying to reclaim Dark Brandon which was a meme mocking the weakness of Biden.

This strategy fails to understand the dynamics of left and right wing politics and the culture war. The memes of Biden with laser eyes are funny because they are ironic in any context. Biden is weak and everyone thinks his mind is slipping. Trying to post unironically just comes off as a hilarious self own.

Trump memes mock the idea that he is fit but play on the idea that hes aggressive and arrogant. Republicans use of memes is simple while democrats have verbose and confusing memes.

The leftists trying to use these memes are only confusing people and making joe biden seem worse


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Malice is exactly right. I'm overseas and wondering why in the world a legacy media outlet (Newsweek) features a "story" about Internet memes.
    I still recall seeing a news story on Fox years ago where the reporter closed by referencing Tweets from average people. I kept wondering, Since when did the mutterings of randos become "news"?

  2. The reason the mainstream left can’t Pepe themselves is because nobody on the right believes Biden is a Nazi.

    The reason the Chad Joe Biden eating ice cream works is because Joe Biden is a melted brain r*t*rd and you can’t stop him.

  3. What a joke, yesterday the incompetent pos couldn`t even get his jacket on without jills help then he dropped his glasses!! Ya, total badass for sure. THE LEFT DEFINITELY CAN`T MEME!!

  4. Oops. You are the one who doesn't get it. That's a pheonix. Out of the ashes Biden will build back better. Shows you precisely their plan for the world. Burn it to the ground.

  5. I remember the first time I heard a leftist call someone a snowflake, it was years after a non leftist said it and it was embarrassing to hear them use it. It’s almost like they have no principles as they normally care about the fragile among us.

  6. It’s funny that Biden gets fair reporting in this. Like it’s known and obviously acknowledged that his PR team is incompetent. But back in the Trump presidency this would be labeled as a “dog whistle” and Lefties would all play stupid to push the narrative that Trump was malicious.

    For them, Trump is incompetent, but only when it’s convenient for them, because when he’s not incompetent he’s evil.
    They take Trump literally but they don’t take him seriously.

  7. "Gas prices have dropped by an average of $1.00/gal."
    This is not an improvement when prices went up by an average of $3.50/gal since he came into office. Seriously, at the end of Trump's run, I was paying ~$2.70/gal. Right now, I'm paying $4.80, and not too long ago prices were nearing $6.00/gal in my area. So until it gets back below $3.00/gal, it is not an improvement.
    Improve: Verb, to make better than the original condition.
    You can't intentionally break something, then do a half-assed repair job and call it an improvement.

  8. How about an amendment to make public office voluntary? Meaning they get no salary. Meaning nobodys in it for the money. I dont understand why we make politicians rich. That literally alienates them from everyone else. Or at least their wealth comes from before they held office ya know? Just makes everything better in my opinion

  9. How about this…. what if it's not a meme. What if this is what the Leftist supporters really want. They have been indoctrinated…. and history has shown that once indoctrination of the masses happens is when the power grab happens and is supported by the Lemmings created by the manipulation/indoctrinating. We are watching a modern day Marxist takeover and sorry to burst any bubbles… but the election will not solve anything. (I hope I am wrong…) 2020 was used as a power grab by World Wide Governments and Elites…. it's just gotten worse and worse. The rope can only get so tight before resistance happens…. if resistance actually happens. Americans need to stand up against Totalitarian rule again…. or we are headed towards a Totalitarian hell.

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