Democrat Eric Adams Just TRASHED Left-Wing Activists!! They’re VERY MAD With Him.. But He’s RIGHT.


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  1. Man ,your getting good. i've watched you for a long time trying to hit the nail on the head and you are hitting it more and more. It's hard to get the thought to hit the mark but you get it….well done and thank you, we need it.

  2. Eric Adams has decided his victims will be small, helpless children. This man should be charged with child abuse. If he sees that the people see the grift he'll just adjust his grift. Don't forget how much blm money 'Act Blue' got and what they did with it. All of them committed crimes and must be held accountable. Probably a large part of Adams money came from this as well.

  3. Don’t fall for it. He’s just saying this shit to distance himself from the radical leftists. As soon as the midterms are over and he’s re-elected, he’ll be right back on the pro BLM, screw cops train again.

    Best to keep reminding him and the people of NYC what he stood for. And how he sacrificed both the lives and livelihoods of his citizens for media brownie points.

  4. But he is not going to do anything anyways , he emboldened BLM and he allows BLM to dictate how he runs the city . When he mentioned bringing back plain-clothed officers , BLM threatened to protest and he canceled his plan smh this man is a weak unqualified puppet

  5. Your 100% right brother, these SJW's protestors bitch and whine about the issue of the day but in reality they don't give a flying crap about the people or groups they are protesting for. They just want to be able to tell their friends they were at this protest or that protest just to make themselves feel like they are doing something.

  6. For BLM, only some black lives matter….mostly the lives of the organizers who use the organization to enrich themselves. The black thugs that are killed while committing crimes are merely their pawns and their supporters are useful idiots. As for Adams statement, he's correct but when it comes to standing behind what he says somehow I don't think he will. He's a democrat for God's sake. They always say what they think people want to hear then do what democrats always do, enrich themselves at the expense of voters.

  7. He's just saying what people wanna hear, he's not going to live up to those word's you would be a fool to believe it. Greetings from NYC aka liberal 💩 hole that never stops with crime.

  8. There is a reason that the Democrats are a year or so behind the curve. The reason is that they are too busy with their knee jerk reactions, to think. When they are done with their pavlovian responses and they have a chance to think they actually have the capacity to come to a valid conclusion. The sad part is that the people cannot wait for them to "get around to it".

  9. Mass murder in Chicago and b l m doesn’t care The mayor doesn’t care The liberal media doesn’t care B l m bought a house with donations for two million over the listed price Money laundering?

  10. Black Lives Matter actually behaves more like Black Lives anti-Matter, because they haven't done anything to help black lives but has done the exact opposite. They should be renamed the latter or what they really are, Black Lives Grifters.

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