Democrat LOSE House Election For The FIRST TIME In 46 YEARS! Dems Are Getting SCARED! They Should Be


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  1. It has been scary, devastating and chaotic since the Democrats took over 2020. One of the most chilling things,, Nancy Pelosi wants to monitor working class bank accounts who have 600 dollars. Nancy Pelosi is worth 117 million dollars, lives in a 25 million dollar home, has a 2 million dollar condo and has a 24 000 dollar refrigerator. Yet, she will deny the working class 600 dollars.

  2. I would not be surprised to see Pelosi's final exit from her corrupt ridden political life end as a result of a complete mental breakdown. I think the dark influences controlling her life will turn on her and torture her into a state of insanity. NOBODY who is filled with this much HATE for an individual (in this case President Trump) can have this level of hate without being controlled by the dark influences that rule over her life. Yes, I'm speaking of demonic influences that have now dominated her thought process. I believe she has been turned over to a reprobate mind and this is not going to end well for her. In reality, she belongs in prison for her active role in trying to remove a sitting president, but I'm not convinced anyone in D/C. has the balls to bring an indictment like that against her. So, I now believe her fate is in the hands of almighty GOD himself and she has been pretty clear about her opposition to him. her words mean nothing…………it's her actions that speak for themselves. The only thing I don't know is WHEN her downfall will happen. But, its coming. One cannot spit in the face of GOD for very long and have it not come back and bite them.

  3. If either Joe Manchin or Krysten Sinema gets tired of the harassment by their own party and crosses the aisle and joins the Republicans, they would be the Senate majority.

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