Democrat Politicians Try To SHUT DOWN Tucker Carlson & Other Conservative News!! This Is INSANE!


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. Hive mind, you’re on the money and it’s scary. I think the only way for us to not allow these big corporations to rule us is to take our money from them. We got a start canceling our subscription without it stop giving them the power.

  2. They don't want a wall at our Border, to protect our Country, but they immediately erect a fence around the Capital…..a fence !? WTF ? They spew out sentences about the Constitution while trying to tear it up the way Pelosi tore up President Trumps Speech to the Nation. She, along with her other bug eyed leftist nuts, are nuts.

  3. Analyses the Nazi party and the left liberals I.e. the New Democrats and you will conclude that they are one in the same. Study German history of the 1930s and the penny will drop. Watch a documentary called Hitler’s inner circle you will see the perfect parallels.

  4. On the view today, joy behar said tucker Carlson should be tied up and put in a corner so he can never be heard from again . . . .
    And then some producer must've put a bug in her ear because she urgently added:
    I didn't mean I wanted to harm him you all know that because I am not a violent person…I'm just saying…

  5. LMFAO man they are seriously scared that people might actually find out the truth & they will actually have to answer for their actions!! I can't wait for Trump's return!!