Democrat Praises Trump And HCQ For Helping Him Get Over COVID

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  1. The official world health organization stance is that a vaccine is the only thing that can save the world. Even though only a small percentage of the population actually dies from covid19 the official stance is that humanity is on the brink of extinctand a vaccine is the only thing that can prevent that extinction. HCQ challenges that and so any talk of HCQ must be suppressed!

  2. I mean from what the doctors were saying it could be a treatment in the first phase but if it has already progressed to a certain point it may not work for you. So Some of these deaths could have just been that they were too far gone before treatment. Please talk to your doctor. This is just a Hypothesis from a nurse perspective, with the data that was presented to me. I'm not saying this is definitive.

  3. Fauci: This is all anecdotal evidence and I cannot recommend a class 1 approved drug for this use even though it's been around for 70 years with very few side effects – you can die of fear instead.

  4. Even Dr. Drew admits prescribing HCQ for decades without any side effects at the right dosages. Fear mongering by the MSM at it's finest and helping to kill more to try and make orange man look bad.

  5. Fauci wasn't wrong about masks, he lied about masks, which he openly admitted. There's a big difference there and that is something that We all should be concerned about

  6. Reminds me of Pasteur discovering germs and trying to get doctors to wash their hands. Or the woman in Australia (I think) who treated children with polio with heat wraps and exercising their limbs.

  7. HCQ is a safe drug. Big tech and media is trying their damndest to ensure that COVID remains an unstoppable bogeyman they can use against their political enemies.

  8. The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” Dr Fauci has not been honest with us.

    Finally evidence of Efficacy

    30% reduced death rate….

    Playlist covers HCQ Efficacy, treatment, theory, prophylactic and additional info.

    Dr. Fauci hid information about Tcell immunity from us.

    This alone should be reason to remove Dr. Fauci –

    Fire Fauci
    Dr. Fauci has significant and deep conflicts of interest with Big Pharma that has a singular aim: Force medical mandates e.g. vaccines upon all.

    DR FAUCI KNEW IN 2005 chloroquine was a powerful drug against Corona virus.
    CDC, Dr. Fauci timeline

    Judicial Watch: investigate
    Corona virus / Covid-19
    FACTS out side of American politics and out of CDC control
    facts are here.

    What the CDC/Dr. Fauci, FDA and the WHO are not telling you. A plan of action.

    Fauci is pushing fraudulent information to the public.
    And tens of thousands of Americans have died due to his mistakes! Full Fauci time line

    Sign the petition to Fire Fauci
    And here

    Single focus is a error, education is key. Second opinions matter.

    Why has the CDC and FDA not made cheap rapid HOME testing available?
    Where are we on cheap rapid HOME testing? I can test for HIV at home!

  9. It can and has worked. Notice how the article was phrased. "died after taking "HQC" There's actually no numbers in there that attributes anybody's death to the drug. Now the case may be that these people don't know how to write an article. There is mis-spelling throughout the whole thing so maybe that is possible. ( there is probably misspelling in my comment to be fair but i'm also not a journalist that gets paid to spell right. ) So what i want to know is, how many people died BECAUSE they took HQC? How many of these people were so close to death it was used as a last ditch effort? I don't think we will ever get the real story about this drug. Donald Trump should have known better. Not because its a bad drug. But because he should have known that if he endorsed it, it would never see its true potential.

  10. The NIH published "Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread" on Aug 22, 2005

    Why doesn't the FDA address the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine sulfate (HCQ) and chloroquine phosphate (CQ)as a prophylactic?

    Using hydroxychloroquine in the hospital for emergency is already too late. Why Tell the public it "doesn’t help" without addressing it's appropriate use?

  11. Tim don’t say it’s a cure or not a cure. You have to define “Cure” some doctors claim it’s a “Cure” others says it’s not a ”Cure”. But what is missing is the definition of a “Cure” it has been said that you can’t get rid of a cold virus because a virus will change its signature and hibernate in the body until it can attack again when the immune system is weak. So there is no “Cure” for the cold virus because you can’t get it out of your body once you get it.