Democratic City SLAMMED By Mail in Voter Fraud Charges, Experts Scared This Proves Trump RIGHT

Democratic City SLAMMED By Mail in Voter Fraud Charges, Experts Scared This Proves Trump RIGHT. Paterson NJ’s mail in voter fraud scandal continues as 4 people have been charged with fraud.

A city councilman and councilman elect have both been charged as others in the city demand the entire election be canceled after more than twenty percent of the vote was disqualified under suspicious circumstances

Experts have pointed out this is a “textbook” case of voter fraud and are worried that it will be used by Trump. Funny because it actually just proves Trump was right about voter fraud.

Democrats need big voter turnout and perhaps think mail in voting will help but changing the rules at the 11th hour seems unfair and ill planned. In the end it may just help Trump and the republicans.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. As for the Texas postman bit. It was more likely just a lazy postman dumping the mailer bundle just so didn't have to sort it into the individual mailboxes on his route. Use to see this all the time, that or they just go to the "mail rooms" and just drop all for that location on the table or common areas. Its been like this since the '60s.

  2. Thousands go in and out of Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot every day. No reason why voters can't go to Polls. This "mail Vote" is a Democrat strategy to commit major fraud on the American people. There is no way they would win fairly. Too many people…including Democrat voters and Liberal who are feed up with the radical Left. We have to support Trump in forcing a "Walk In Vote" just like we have always done and even then we have to watch for Democrat Voter Poll volunteers, stuffing ballots of dead voters. I will fight harder than the Democrats have for the last 4 years if they steal this election.

  3. The Democrats reason to push for mail in ballots if the payoff isn’t clear? They know the likelihood of losing is high. So they play dirty on every level because that’s probably their only chance. Pretty simple. We’ve gotta get these Democrats in the house making the majority out and get a super majority back in. Trumps got no chance of keeping his promises fully unless he is re-elected and give him the power to use his pen.

  4. Every single Trump supporter on the planet should be mailing in a vote. Remember, the yews insist that foreign voters matter more than Americans, so give them what they want!

  5. Funny(and typical)they all have foreign names…..And If you want proof of all the Dem fraud that goes on almost weekly, follow Kip Simpson here on YT. He documents them on his channel. It's like every week at least one Dem is arrested or jailed for fraud.
    And it's not like when you vote it's packed in tight. I've never seen a packed voting area in 20 years of voting. And if it is packed, go to another place in your town that has booths or wait. I'm sure most towns will be making sure people are staying 6ft away anyhow. They just want to cheat. I mean, why else want illegals to vote and not want voter ID?

  6. The real comedy here is believing there is not already rampant voter fraud when half the country is overtly against any and every measure that would prevent it.

  7. If they want to get rid of the electoral college, I say do it but also remove the right to vote from some of the highest population cities so they don't singlehandedly dictate the results.

  8. Democrats: "Mail-in ballots have always been available for people that want it."

    Me: "So then we don't need to have universal mail in voting."

  9. The underfunded USPS sucks. There is no accountability with the lazy and apathetic mail carriers who never learn the routes they are on. Even living in a small town, I've probably had about 100 different carriers this year. Always losing mail. Always misdelivering. They don't stick around enough to learn the job or care about what they're doing. And we're talking about trusting the ballots to THEM?

  10. There is no federal right to vote, and every single state has made voting a privilege which you must qualify for. Please quit confusing privileges with rights.

  11. So the left and the right will cheat. Lol. Watch Trump wins and John Oliver will 180 his speech about voter fraud.. He will say… "mail in voting what a horrible idea." They will blame mail in voter fraud for the loss and blame putin.. not the Chinese which have been caught in many countries doing it. Gee I wonder why? Lol.

  12. I like by how Tim Pool thinks this supports his argument that voter fraud is a big problem. This isn't voter fraud it's attempted voter fraud. Imagine saying an attempted murder is murder.

  13. The left wants anarchy, it wants instability and uncertainty because it wants a revolution. Many of those from the left want dramatic changes in our government and the easiest way to accomplish that is through civil unrest. Mail in voting is their tool to disrupt our society and overthrow the government.

  14. Republicans: "Voting by mail is unsafe"
    Still no word how make voting machines more trustworthy or how some town didn't even had an accessable voting places.

  15. I'm so glad Americans has finally wiped their eyes in order to see what's really happening with da democratic party. They're always one step ahead of a predicted lie and makes it reality. How do they no Trump's gonna cheat, if he wins that's their battle cry to put in the mind of the people. He cheated!

  16. The USPS cannot even get a box from one state to the next without messing it up and making it take several weeks or straight up losing it. NO MAIL IN BALLOTS for that one reason alone.

  17. Just go back to 2016–voter fraud was everywhere !! Woman from N.C. voted 6 times. Two mail in ballots and voted twice in Florida and Twice in N.C. the same day !! How she did it was easy–but she got 7 years, so she won't be voting in 2020. There are many other cases just from 2016 check them out !! Voter fraud is a Fact !!

  18. What is Trump supposed to do? Wave a magic wand? People are using masks and hygiene and distancing with in reason. He isn’t going to take away our rights.

  19. Voter fraud has always been part of the Dumocrates plan to win elections. Why is anyone surprised. They've been doing it in every election for decades. Their just not bothering to hide it much any more. ???

  20. tim, can you please link each of the articles you use in the videos? it isn't hard to search the articles up, but for sake of political arguments, your videos could potentially provide as excellent sources!