Democratic Policies Trigger MASS Resignation As MILLIONS Consider Quitting Their Jobs

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join lawyer and co-publisher of Human Events Will Chamberlain and FreedomToons founder Seamus Coughlin to scrutinize the changing American economy, and why people are ready to quit in the millions.

From Ep. #249, Wednesday August 11, 2021.

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  1. people are only worth the value based on skills they have based on the job they do and what it requires. so if you want 20 plus an hour gain skills needed for a job that pays that much. a job that takes 5 min or even less is not job that should pay a 'livable wage' , it is why it is a starter job or as one of my buddies calls it a 'helper monkey job' since it requires no skills to do.

  2. Honestly a future without minimum wage jobs where those menial tasks are all replaced by machines I think is GOOD, but only if the minimum wage workers go INTO robotics and computing and other jobs to make it possible and pull the entire world up together, instead of mooching. And to FACILITATE this, maybe some of that government money go to free STEM college, instead of Liberal Arts (which needs less education)?

  3. Look around you.
    Old systems are failing. If you are being forced out of these failing systems, welcome it. For perhaps, your role is to contribute and participate in the ushering in of those new systems and institutions.
    With conflict, comes change and with change, comes opportunity.

  4. I have begun seeking new employment, as my current employer is corrupt and headed by an appointed position; appointed by a corrupt governor currently facing a recall.

  5. "I find it very unethical to receive an unemployment check, that I've already paid into, and then have to pay taxes on that check."

    You didn't pay into it, employees do not contribute to the fund that pays for unemployment, the employer does. The employer pays a tax to the federal government and the state government on the earned wage of each employee and that funds the unemployment paid. Only 3 states charge a tax to employees, can't remember which ones, but the amount is negligible as employers still cover the vast majority of the cost.

    Its not only free money, it was stolen from the employers to fund it.

  6. No, it's isn't unethical to have to pay taxes on unemployment benefits. Employees don't pay premiums on unemployment. They never paid into it, so anything they get is profit, thus taxable.

    If you pay for a financial product (e.g., annuity) with post-tax money, then when you get a distribution, you do not pay taxes on the portion associated with your (after-tax) payments. You DO pay taxes on the rest because that is profit–it exceeds what you put in, so it's profit and taxable.

    If you pay for a financial product with pretax money, then all of the distribution is taxable since no taxes have been paid on any of it.

  7. We're at the point that most children would starve if their mothers didn't receive government assistance. That's obviously a very fragile society.

  8. If you need to feed your family, or even yourself, you will shut the fuck up and work. None of this garbage media. All the quitters are a bunch of yuppies or unemployment benefit scammers.

  9. I am quitting my job because they are mandating the shot. It is a violation of my rights in my view, so I choose not to continue the relationship.

  10. Recently, I went to get some gas and purchase some "eats". The innner store closed because the Manager had just worked a 12 hour shift (due to lack of persons to man the store). He had to shut down the store. No one wanted to work.

    This is the result of "paid not to work".

  11. Yep good people will leave these positions and radical fake liberals will fill them. Same with good police, military and government officials will leave and those who's philosophies aline with the radical domestic terrorist left will fill them. America is circling the drain and all the good people are doing is talking about how bad its getting. It suck good people only fight back when its already to late, they think they can reason with these kinds of people, that or afraid of government coming after them and their families like they have done with everyone who stands up to them.

  12. I believe that you pay taxes on unemployment insurance because it is paid for with pre-tax money. I have a personal disability insurance thà58ß paid for with after tax money. If I use it I will not pay taxes on the payments,