Democrats ALREADY Begging Biden Not To Debate Trump Again, Demand Rule Changes To Help Joe Compete

Democrats ALREADY Begging Biden Not To Debate Trump Again, Demand Rule Changes To Help Joe Compete. Poll after poll says Joe Biden defeated Trump in the debate.

But why then are Democrats and leftists telling Joe Biden not to debate Trump again? Several Never Trumpers have called for just that, that unless the rules get changed to favor Joe biden he must avoid the debates with Trump.

Biden rejected this and to his benefit the rules will be changed.

If Joe Biden and the Democrats can’t handle Trump why would anyone assume Biden can handle Putin or Kim Jong Un?

This just makes Biden look weak and makes it seem like Trump won.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. If there are more debates, I would like to see Trump let Biden mumble, mutter, and stumble his way through his answers…let the people see that, then rebut him "you're completely wrong, and here's why"… They keep on about the 200,000 dead due to Covid…predictions, after adjusted were for 2 to 4 Million dead by the end of the year….200K is fabulous. It's a novel corona virus, meaning that no one's had it before, of course people are going to die from it. Every year, 50 to 60 K Americans die due to the annual flu season…and that's with a vaccine, and, after many years of flu seasons…

  2. If they hold the debates on Zoom… they could use the mute feature to allow each person to speak uninterrupted… I still won’t vote Biden though… He just creeps me out!

  3. Biden was the one who started interrupting, so Chris Matthews jumped in and helped poor old Joe by cutting off President Trump and repeatedly changing the subject.

  4. Biden was answering questions before they were asked. Biden was given the questions and his prepared answers were mixed up. Wallet had to remind him of the question.

  5. This is perhaps an unpopular opinion amongst people here, but I hate Donald Trump.

    The way I see it, I don’t like him, but for better or for worse, he’ll get something done. He has a group he’ll want to impress, so he gives them what they want.

    I don’t think he actually supports the white supremacists (or at least he doesn’t care about them), but he doesn’t wanna lose their votes, because they give him power

    I still don’t find it presidential to not condemn them (actually I don’t find him presidential at all…but that’s why so many people support him – he’s unconventional).

    I still ultimately think this entire election is a joke, but…meh. The “lesser of two evils” likely won’t make any progress in any direction

  6. Once again, The dems turn around and say "change the rules or we wont play." because their candidate is weak and cowardly! Everything with the democrats is all about changing rules to fit their desires. Like they believe that countries outside our borders are going to "change the rules" to fir the needs of the Infirm US president! Whatever, the democrats need special treatment and rules to win, Their candidate needs special rules and treatment to actually run for office. I suppose this is just another example of leftism not being about equal rights but special rights!

  7. What they need to do for the next debate is to put both candidates in sound proof rooms where they can't hear each other's responses and each candidate gets asked the same question. The candidates can't hear what the other is saying or has said. This way people will actually hear what each candidate has to say on the issues.

    Biden needs to be checked for hearing devices that can feed him information because the man fumbles so much and has some issues speaking in public which is why I feel like he suffered in the debate.

  8. Biden denied calling U.S troops "stupid bastards", despite video evidence.
    Biden denied withholding Ukraine Aid in lieue of a political bribe despite video evidence.
    Biden denied that Hunter received cash from China, Ukraine and Russia. He's not suing for slander.

  9. We voted for a fighter,not a loser ,Trump is still in the White House because he is a fighter,and he is fighting for you and me,not the elitist or the globalist in the Washington bubble !

  10. It's a mockery of two Establishment candidates debating, which is total bullshit and a fraud. Not an Anti-Establishment President fighting a Corrupt Establishment Candidate. You don't play by their games by their rules.

  11. Poor Biden the stuttering boy, the old age, dementia, the Alzheimers, and on and on ……Wallace with the Napoleon Complex. Anyone sympathetic to Poor Joe Biden was never going to vote for Trump. Trump won the election already. Too many weak voters over-analyze then have the nerve to say they didn't learn anything

  12. My favorite two parts of the debate were him closing his eyes and repeating “No, no, that’s not true” like he was stuck in a bad dream and Joe Biden losing count and Trump reminding him he was on point number 2

  13. To my fellow Trump supporters, please don't think that Trump is guaranteed to win. We can't just keep referring back to 2016 and the flawed poll numbers. Everything is unprecedented at this point so we must stay focused and committed. We must act as though we're behind, the odds against us, but we have to keep pushing all the way to the end. Our future is hanging on this election so don't sit back thinking we've got this. Get everyone you know to register and vote for Trump, for our children's future. The Left will create a politically correct socialist dystopia where angry BLM mobs ultimately decide policy and law through intimidation and violence.

  14. Yeah but what youre saying is kind of scary. If we get a Younger, Wittier, canidate will get knocked off cause he doesnt have as much power behind his name. Just like what happened to JFK. He pushed back against the Shadows and got offed for it

  15. Trump has a set ,and America needs that ! And who is Joe Biden that he gets special rules ? I follow several great black you tubers and they wanted Trump to be clearer on his achievements !