Democrats Already Blame Russia For 2022 Losses!

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Imagine if liberals and Democrats took that same energy into doing anything that actually matters and would help the good citizens of the United States. I'm not counting on it, I give up on the liberals and Dems ever seeing the light. Also, fire and investigate Mr. Fauci.

  2. The old govt documents that can be fabrications…if said things govt is feeding to you not scientifically a given to which it can be replicated or proven as fact…..that then is fantasy…… they do realize that false information is also a given RIGHT… its to bring about a fear in people to justify a means to another thing… In govts case, its a means to an end that strengthens the govt rule and law over the greater general population. So, they invent things, create things, and fabricate things to bring about a fear so people can give up on a "something" or many things, such as their rights, so as the current govts in place can survive. This tactic is a means to an end…. I would say that these events took place recently. There were so much govt uprising happening from around 2010 and coming to a head in 2020 the world over… so they had "two birds one stone" to throw to get rid of some problems in a domino effect.

    They built up this processed disease overseas with the aid of US people funding it, they then made sure you hated a world leader so much as to question every thing he did as he was the leader of the free world, come election time 2020 the two birds where dangerous so they released a real problem onto all govts the world over so as to get rid of the man in office because they had nothing else to get him on due to the US leaders offered to replace him were not liked…. the other bird was the civil unrest…. they could stop, the world over, of the general public disdain for their leadership that are the same people, screwing the general public, given office over and over again.

    The entire world wanted change and they stopped it with force by creating the means to justify the forcing… those who were granted authority jump to it like a bunch of morons to enforce the dominoes in play towards rights taken as rules are enforced… now a New World Order is in where a cure to the created illness is out but denounced in the US as an option to give with the inclusion of other remedies that work better than that given partial band-aid created by govts as a means to justify this domino of "show your papers" to be a part of society… To keep up the process of govt gaining more rights over the general public they have measures to keep up the "its" to justify their means.

    These people and the govts they work for or have worked for have been proven to have connections to these things I note within this comment. I realized this when it was a bit too convenient they had this come in a US election year 2020, shut down all protest the world over, and took control of govt and corporate domains again. There is a so on happening now also from that which took place to where there were events correlating with each other way too much for it to be natural, it had to be some act and the larger is the only one that can pull it off. I see this and know its truth thanks to all the actual documents coming out they who are in power wanted hidden from the public…. any documents released willingly by govt are thing that are no longer of any significance or something they wish people to believe is true to justify their next evil. I called this out back when the shut down was in full swing with the US during April 2020…. realizing the disease was real because people needed to see it was real.

    I dug into information and found that in the foreign land the "it" was created with US funding…. warned about and gave notice to it…. I and many others were denounced by established govt means, later black balled if we don't comply to BS govt rules unconstitutional and many countries; these things I gave were truths and the general was informed to not trust the found documented truth and my logical means of piecing it all back to govts doing….now that truth is a realized…. and the two American leaders…. protectors of perverts…. are now saving one of the humans and those invested in that research…. What is done in the dark I and many others can bring to the light…… LOL. This is why you should question everything… but there are things in place to make you not question things from the day you are born… they use education and religion which beats the questioning out of you. That make you more moldable to believe whatever they say is truth. Like a fool many fall for it not realizing they've been groomed to not dig for information that may contradict the given they gave you so as they favor their established things over the greater number of you.

  3. Jimmys on a roll telling the irrefutable truth, but I am worried for him, if he gains much more attention and traction they're going to make sure he has an "accident" or a "suicide" you can count on it.
    I wish he would run for president virtually guarantee he would win.

  4. Jimmy, Andrea Mitchell has assured me that Biden's poll numbers are tanking "because of Covid". Thank goodness, I thought it was because he was a POS who continuously refuses to do a damn thing to help suffering Americans.😃👍

  5. God is real and all people are imperfect. Sin means imperfect, so all people sin. Only sinless perfect beings are allowed to live forever in heaven. The good news is that Jesus is the Messiah, which means God with us.. He died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life. John 3:36 "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life"

  6. People live paycheck to paycheck because they keep pissing all their money away living an illusory lifestyle. Living where the rent is too much for them, or buying too much house because they "can afford the payments", buying cars with a five hundred dollar a month auto loan, and the latest thousand dollar mobile device under a multiyear contract, racking up multiple credit cards with worthless baubles and trinkets, all while schlepping minimum wage, is the problem.

    Education, job. Better education, better job. Greater education, greater job. Financial literacy is the best education anyone will ever give themselves.

    "A living wage" is the regurgitated bumper sticker slogan of the uneducated, use to keep other unintelligent people in their place.

    That what each of us calls our 'necessary expenses' will always grow to equal our incomes, unless we protest to the contrary. – Arkad, The Richest Man in Babylon

  7. they're so worried about hacking yet implemented online/ vulnerable to hack voting methods in the last election?
    SO obvious they stole the election. It's insane how blatant it is.

  8. How do you propose they pay people a “living wage”? Any company that is going to be required to pay employees more money isn’t just going to count their loses. They probably are going to raise prices on the services or goods they provide. Also they’ll probably take from employees in other ways such as less benefits, less incentives. So now employees are making $20 an hour but the price of all goods went up so they’re right back to living paycheck to paycheck. How would that issue be solved?

  9. jimmy i love you but as somebody who accidentally made well done fries (partly my moms fault for changing my settings and her not checking on them like she said she would)

    they become burnt fries not potato chips i eat potato chips i need to dump well done fries something for you to maybe ponder about

  10. Classic playbook. Always accuse the opposition of what the Democrats themselves are doing.
    Whenever a Democrat asks me if I think the 2020 election was rigged, I ask them if they think Biden is more popular than Obama. Because if it was a fair election, that's what the election results showed. Biden "won" millions more votes than Obama did at his peak in 2008. And that was with Obama being treated like the Messiah while giving massive speeches everywhere. Conversely, Biden gave almost no appearances, must less spoke coherently.

  11. Living in the rust belt with all the empty factories that used to make the stuff being shipped into these ports makes a mockery of all the “economic experts and nafta democrats” who orchestrated this.

  12. I think you've underestimated how far they will go, they can't get rid of you? Wonder if a Seth rich style robbery would change your mind? You know where they "rib you but don't take anything of value……

  13. 😚😃😃😋😚😋😃😚😋😚😄😚😄😋😑😄😎😑😄😄😎😑😎😄😑😎😶😄😎😄😶😎😶😄😎☺😄☺😄😎😎😄☺😎☺😅

  14. Yeah the problem is government. There is no thriving industry in or silicon valley stimulating the economies of South America and most of them are completely government controlled and people suffer there like they do here.
    Government is the consistent element.

  15. More social programs don't fix failed bad social programs and institute. Bigger gov isn't the answer to bad government. Jimmy nothing stopping us from our own social program controlled by us. You could start a pay monthly due programs that pays out to those that qualify.
    In our control not gov.
    You can do this you dont need government to be over this. Its a ridiculous ponzy scheme no gov will ever put the taxation where it belongs

  16. conservative with a few liberal leanings… love ya Jimmy!! keep on blasting them. love hearing the truth be spread – this is a 1 party system (Republicans and Democrats) are all the same evil. they hate the middle and lower class.

  17. If Biden has diarrhea tomorrow, Russia will be to blame, if the sun goes out tomorrow, Russia will also be to blame! In any situation, blame Russia, it's much easier to blame someone else for a crooked face than to look at yourself in the mirror!

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