Democrats Already Planning SECOND Trump Impeachment As Pelosi DEMANDS New Investigation into Trump

Democrats Already Planning SECOND Trump Impeachment As Pelosi DEMANDS New Investigation into Trump. Over the past several months Democrats have repeatedly claimed that they could impeach Trump a second time if need be.

Now we have multiple stories either pushing for a new impeachment or explaining why there should be one.

In one story they explain that Adam Schiff still has a probe of Trump and his businesses and a former Trump associate is predicting that Trump will be impeached again.

But now we have calls from nancy pelosi to investigate Trump and Bill Barr over the sentencing of Roger Stone and the resignation of 4 prosecutors running the case.

Democrats are claiming that Trump is retaliating against witnesses, targeting family members, and cutting deals for his friends.

But in reality Trump has the ability to pardon anyone he wants and if he wanted Roger Stone to stay out of prison he could just say so, there is no reason to play this weird game with Democrats.

In all likelihood this is just another excuse to line up the second Impeachment of Trump as we get close to the 2020 elections in November where most forecasts have them set to lose to a Trump landslide.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. I think the Democrat leadership in the House need, to borrow a line from Blazing Saddles, “worry about keeping their, phony bologna jobs”, first. As things stand now, I think it will be a struggle for them to keep a majority in the House and chances of major cooperation from Republicans will be slim and none. Not happy about the second prospect, but Speaker Pelosi and company have sown the wind and it appears they are about to harvest the whirlwind.

  2. He’s going to be elected again. Just bet on it the dems are just digging their own graves at this point. Also. Can we just fire all the dems. Why do we put up with their wrinkly asses.

  3. It's funny to talk about whether we're tired of all the winning yet. It's scary to think about Dems not being tired of all the losing. At this point they're going kamikaze rather than admit defeat.
    This is why, in the UFC, you keep hitting, even on the ground, even while they're pulling you off. Make sure the opponent isn't getting back up.
    The Popular vote will matter. Even in commie states, we need a conservative showing. Even with ballot harvesting, we'll know what the raw tally was.

  4. I hope the Dems try many, many times to impeach Trump. It only makes them look more and more ridiculous, and they lose more and more credibility with each unhinged attempt.

  5. Hey you said in the video “…you can’t search for my channel.” I was interested to see if that was true. I searched on YouTube, and it brought up multiple channels of yours. I then searched on google. I was able to find it. I am confused as to how I cannot search for this channel.

  6. Adam Schiff is like a stalker who has the power to weaponize the bad actors in the FBI, CIA and Justice Dept. He also has immunity to all his lying. Until the Democrats lose the House he won't quit. He hates Trump so much there's no telling what he's truly capable of. He's got to be delusional to think we believe anything he says at this point.

  7. Makes me want to illegally enter the country so I can go to a sanctuary city and register to vote.
    I'd vote trump and sh!t on Pelosi's lawn.

  8. Well the darkness to light is coming since Barr now is looking into the highest Treasonous traitor's acts against AMERICA from the Socialist Communists left these Stupid Crimnals have been telling on themselves everysince President Trump has gotten in office then try to blame all their Crimes on President Trump and We The People who put him in office the swamp is getting drained.

  9. Obama "pardoned" about 1900 at least. Including terrorist leaders.
    Also, I heard the judge refused to delay sentencing of Roger Stone. Here's what I heard.
    "Roger Stone Judge still has a gag order on Stone. He can't talk about the case, or anything. Sentencing him while he wait for hearings on a new trial shuts him up for 2020. Roger Stone is a political prisoner"

  10. Racism
    Whatever "phobia"
    Words that the left has pretty much made meaningless at this point.
    Feel free to add your own