Democrats And Biden Are So UNHINGED And Broken That Even Obama SLAMMED Biden As Unfit For Office

Democrats And Biden Are So UNHINGED And Broken That Even Obama SLAMMED Biden As Unfit For Office. Throughout the 2020 campaign Joe Biden has been a gaffe prone nightmare and even Barack Obama has repeatedly roasted him.

In one instance Obama said Joe Biden was going to eff things up and that he “didn’t have it”

Meanwhile the only thing Democrats can do is hide because they have no real leadership and offer the American people nothing other than Trump is bad.

Republicans are having a field day roasting Democrats over their inability to do any real campaigning.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Yeh, Now! Anything to get out of the rearview mirror ! The left, marxist, socialist thinkers now say
    ( Burn down the nation
    If you want to stay alive!)
    Anything to have the air on their rears! Previous to the last 4 years, 12 years we had 1 world viewers in elected seats, breaking all kinds of laws, woohoo, its getting hot in here, they are ready to loose their sent in water, judgment is coming, and Barry Sander, Bill Clinton, Bush Jr, and mostly democrats are trying to catch their breath! Trying to shed their covering, clothing trails, But it's too late really now,its to late, thou they really did, try
    to make it, many inside have lied and they can't hide it THEY JUST CANT FAKE IT!

  2. I don’t know where you get your info from but Biden is so far ahead even Nationally by double lies. This is what I say if a party and it’s supporters can’t win and have to distort info then our country is in a bad case .

  3. Tim, I don't understand why you are surprised about the duplicity and lies of Harris. She is a LAWYER and Prosecutor and everyone knows that these Dem. prosecutors would sell their souls to get a leg up in the political ambitions they dream about in the wee hours of the night, well every waking moment if you want to tell the truth about it.
    The Chinese and the Russians to a lesser extent are laughing their asses off about the state of this country. They don't need to do anything to achieve their goals. All they need to do is sit and keep quite and let the Democrats destroy our country and begin a civil war. "The Washington Witch" is the Cheer leader that is flipping her skirt up at them trying to induce them to continue the aggression worldwide.
    Lord I just realized what a revolting image that is but you see where I am going with this.
    I watch you channel almost everyday

  4. The Democrats/Liberals forgot about things like climate change and abortion. I’ve heard nothing about those things recently, why? It’s just been anti-Trump and social justice. If you’re not going to talk about anything else I’m not interested. This is weird.

  5. Average of all polls today Biden 7.2 in front. Your dear leader is in trouble. His level of desperation is shown by him asking his supporters to commit a felony by voting twice. His talking about secret agents on a plane is suggesting to those who are not his devoted followers that he has rather lost it. But Tim keep the Dems scared it will force them to the polls and help ensure your dear leaders demise

  6. When the President you served as Vice President under will NOT even endorse you publicly….you just KNOW you got issues…and you're DONE…..And yet, Obama awarded him the Medal of Freedom….so that says A LOT about Obama, too…..

  7. But alas, Biden's up in the polls because the GOP isn't taking advantage of the DNC's abandonment of working people. If the GOP would go full Populist right now they would rule. But their leadership is Nearly as dumb as the DNC leadership.

  8. Because oldie cougar pelosi n hypocrate dems want to take over the WH by creating chaos this nov. 2020 us presidential election. Is'nt this idea a crap n funny hope they never get for what they planned

  9. All of the states so concerned about mail in voting are far left democRAT sanctuary states that allow illegal immigrants, felons and homeless to vote.. if you actually have to go vote the right way democRATS will lose all of those unconstitutional votes ?? Nazi china supporting democRAT governors that have to cheat to win

  10. Till the arrests of Congress ones in the Circle of…
    40+ Years and still no replies from all…
    Martin Luther King, in the 60s,Who in Congress to Date wore a wire for the Deep State to get in the all White Boys Club…
    The oldest satanic trick
    Is to turn All Gods Prophets into Gods themselves…[WORLD WIDE]God came into being ,When all universal matter
    had its first conscious thought…
    KNIGHTSTEMPLAR… SLEEPERCELL… Also beware of the Black Deep State…WWG1WGA… About the Dem’s big Biden rollout speech,Trump was right again…They did little ,If any speaking about what they can do to make our Country better…Ms Obama made it short and sweet…It can and will be done to make the Riots worse,By the State ran media…
    – [x] Shit…I’ll be dammed… Trump is going to drain the Swamp to He hits China…


  11. You know I can understand different ways of life I can understand different opinions in dems and rep but what I don't understand is the division in this country that I have loved all my life it is so sad to see Americans in such turmoil America love every one of you the good the bad you're different opinions and our diversity just wish we could just get along and not act in violence both sides but I know someone will troll this bit I mean it all of you are important to me atleast ? ? ? ? ?

  12. God created man in his image. He never intended for some to be Communist Socialist Democrats. But, he realized that when he granted everyone free will, he knew that some would use it to take advantage of others. Thus, the Democratic Party was born. Thank God we still have the Republican Party.

  13. Trump was never supposed to win in 2016. Hillary was the heir apparent. She was supposed to win in 2016 and presumably in 2020 again. Then in 2025 when Hillary was gonna leave office, the game would begin again. No where in the game plan was Biden because he is such a non-entity.

    I remember in the summer of 2019 i thought Kamala was gonna be the Democrat front runner because she ticked the right boxes of intersectionality. I never thought Biden was gonna be the guy but here we are. However it looks like the Dems want Biden to win to install Kamala into a position of power.

  14. Biden ahead in the polls but his rallies aren't as big as Trump's (when he's out of his basement) nor are his supporters having boat parades and other rallies for him. It's just a repeat of 2016.