Democrats Announce Plan To REMOVE President But NOT Trump, Pelosi Setting Stage To Remove BIDEN

Democrats Announce Plan To REMOVE President But NOT Trump, Pelosi Setting Stage To Remove BIDEN. Under the 25th amendment Pelosi is creating a panel that will judge a president’s ability to do their job and potentially remove them.

But the 25th requires the vice president to call for removal and Mike Pence certainly isn’t going to betray Donald Trump for Nancy pelosi.

What makes more sense is that in the event Joe Biden wins Kamala Harris will invoke the 25th and call upon Pelosi’s panel to judge Joe Biden and have him removed thus making kamala Harris acting president in which she will choose a new Vice President.

But even if Democrats lose it works out. Pelosi’s plan could still help remove Trump in the event the Democrats lose the House and Trump wins another term.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Idc who its fuckin for it's so greasy! More slimy Unelected bureaucracy never helps. Each side will just abuse the shit out of it when they dont get their fuckin way. They dont ever make a weapon to shoot their own foot with, they make these kinds of things to correct what they believe is wrong. I dont like it at all.

  2. I said Biden would step down for a female vp the day they announced he was running. Funny that it took so long for others to start seeing it.

  3. This is what scares people? Not packing the court ? A $90 trillion Green New Deal? Abolishing cheap energy, fossil fuels , along with the jobs that go with that? Packing the Court to eliminate checks and balances? Raising taxes? All the corruption they have been involved in the last 4 years alone ?

  4. When Trump is re-elected, and hopefully both House and Senate go red, we need to find a way without stepping on free speech, to at least hold news networks accountable for reporting ONLY the news, without their opinions/propaganda.

  5. Sorry Tim, but you got the first part of Section 4 right, but the second part is that; if the president says he is able then it goes back to congress and they have 4 days to reply and they will need two thirds of both houses.

  6. I say we change up the presidency so they both win… No more vice presidents in the election, just presidential candidates… Then the winner and runner-up split the term 2 years as president and 2 years as vice president wherein the winner gets to choose whether they want to serve as president the first 2 years or the last 2 years, this way both parties are forced to work together

  7. Biden said at the very beginning of the race, he would serve a year, then resign and Harris would become President. Personally, I think he'd resign within 4 months, after he gets his money from George Soros.

  8. WOW you have not been thinking clearly the last 2 days. Pelosi is clearly up to no good. its 100% bad. You said multiple times its got positives… INSANITY

  9. They are setting the stage if Biden gets in and he dies or loses his mind they can put in their real president Kamel toe Harris.