Democrats Are Becoming MORE Like China, Authoritarianism Is Being Used Everywhere

Tim, Lydia, and Luke host guests China Uncensored (Chris and Shelly) to discuss the ways that China has set the standard in authoritarianism – and how the US appears to think it’s commendable.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. I have literally been thinking the title of this video to myself this whole time. It looks like a divide and conquer strategy. But who would benefit from us being divided? Who has money, investments and resources to execute such a plan? It all points to China.

  2. People are 2A absolutists because they know that the left wants total bans and confiscation of ALL privately owned firearms. You cannot compromise with that. You can never give up enough to satisfy them.

  3. She says we can only get the ingredients to the drugs from China… She does realize opium comes from Afghanistan right ?? Lol bruhhh you see any opium fields in China ? ? Do some research lady , she's just like it's all made in China derrr

  4. Repeal the Smith-Mundt Modernization act of 2012… BOOM…media in check. Arrest and prosecute all bad actors in DC. Reform Congress to 1 representative/state. Abolish FBI & CIA. Remove illegitimate government intrusion into the lives of the people. Oust federal reserve, and the IRS. That should do it for a start.

  5. you know what i hate. we go into all these useless wars that nobody wants to be in all the time for reasons that really make no sense. but the one country we should go to war with due to how hostile they have been to us and the blatant human rights violations they are commiting we refuse to go to war with because unlike these middle eastern country's we would actually loose money by doing it. its sicking

  6. The democrats have always bin doing this. From slavery, to hobnobbing with the Nazzies and Hitler, now best friends with China. Happening up here in Canada as well with Trudeau letting Chinese military to train pilots in a de-commissioned air base using out tactics and out jets. Its fucking staggering.

  7. I don't want to see that idiot De Blasio's face again until his term is up and he's good and gone, which is fortunately SOON. I know people living in the city who say for what he's done he deserves to be locked up for life. Well.. actually they said something stronger, but i won't repeat it here. He's a sociopath

  8. This just sounds an argument on who treats black people the worse. How bout everybody just stop treating us like shit and we stop treating people like shit in general

  9. I have always said that China and Russia know that they could never come here and take over however they will use "Psy Ops" psychological operations to bring the US down. By dividing us into subgroups (race, sex, sexual orientation, political party, rights ie. Guns, etc.) Influencing media, politicians and many other subliminal ways to get Americans to hate each other and destroy our own country from within. They consider a US civil war a total victory so then they can say "we told you so" capitalism and human rights don't work. The thing that amazes me is the amount of gullible "sheeple" who are going along with this. I guess this is how it all started in Germany and Russia back then. Figure out how to manipulate intelligent, god fearing people into your evil will. I imagine these days they are much, much better at it, they have had decades of practice. Weird that sheeple who call themselves "woke"are the ones that have bought in and those of us who question are considered radicals