Democrats Are BURNING Cities To The Ground, NYC Is Crumbling As Homeless Occupy Luxury Buildings

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  1. Best Mayor NYC has ever had! Voters voted and elected him again for a 2nd term! He takes no sh*t from the guy in the White House or from Chief Of Police either! A real Progressive!

  2. You know what. I’m tired of hearing to speak up by people that only figured this out after it affected them or they had to see it with their own eyes. It’s annoying. If you couldn’t figure it out without it having affect you directly or see it directly you have no right to tell me a damn thing. I was able to understand cause and effect at 10 years old. And I would bet my life that if it’s no longer in direct view of those people they’ll lecture me again that I’m stupid.

  3. Think of this long term, biggest issue is Democrats have is the majority live in these big cities. So now that the people are life long Democrats, you put up a candidate even they can't support and force them out of the city by destroying them so they move to red states then in 2024 they hope they will come back to the party for a sweeping election making a "blue wave"

  4. The voters in New York have been in the dark since Barack Obama ran for office and became President. Let them figure a way out of the mess they created. They voted for these Democrats, ask the Democrat Party bail them out, not the U.S. taxpayers.

  5. They will continue to vote blue no matter what happens to them. Cuomo and Di Blasio will just say that what they were trying to do for the city didn't work out because Trump is in office. The media will do what they are told and start letting people know that if only Trump wasn't in office . Many on the left dont care enough to do any critical thinking they just want be told what to do and what to think . They will eventually wake up after it's too late

  6. Election 2020, its a vote for, or against insanity. I don't think looking at the candidates matters this time. Either way things are going to get bad afterwards. Question I suppose is for how long.

  7. no your wrong because it is waking up these people ignored it and said nothing until it affected them and this waking up is normally applied to the normal people anyways not news caster and you tim at the time of gamer gate were where you if you knew this was happening your only calling it out now that it is more personally affecting you. Tim your a blind fool if you were meant to agree with 100% of what a president say and that is what your looking for, than you're living in a fantasy land just as bad as the far left a utopian ideal at its best.

  8. I used to be a dyed in the wool Democrat, my whole family was, working class, union Democrats. The Democratic Party today has no resemblance to the party my family supported decades ago.

  9. If ever there was a dire need not to vote democrat then sadly this story and many others. Now as I’ve said a few times that I don’t agree with everything that the Republican Party says and act on and look on this in another way. Lets say you’ve got 2 people and one of these 2 people are constantly making asinine mistakes, mistakes that are constantly putting the welfare of others in fear of injury or death how long is it before you say enough is enough. Some will say ahh but it’s not happening in my area so I couldn’t give a shiny shite, well people it is coming to your area and when it does happen most of the people will start panicking and as against a direct result multiple deaths that have already happened in other areas will at your area,you’re town/ city and district and it’ll be too late so act and protecting what’s yours and vote for the eagle. As much as a great man he and his staff is he’s not perfect so help him and the Republican Party make America great again and it obviously it won’t happen overnight but it eventually. ❤️?

  10. Tim why do you act like its so hard to vote for TRUMP ???? Here's our choice we either have the USA and a president that fights for it. Our we have Joe Biden and our country as we know it is over. Even if Trump wins we are facing Riots and a battle with these people. NOW THINK WHAT WE HAVE WITHOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP. !!!!!!

  11. Who the f will go to any of these cities might as well visit afghanistan. They are getting the leadership they voted for and the results speak for themselves.