Democrats Are Desperately Struggling To Hold The Party Together, But MORE Defectors Keep Emerging

Democrats Are Desperately Struggling To Hold The Party Together, But MORE Defectors Keep Emerging. A democrat who recently thanked Trump is facing censure over her decision to do so.

Many Democrats have left the party in the past few years over the increasingly far left push but now it seems that Democrats are actively seeking to remove supporters as well.

Perhaps its a warning, that if you defy the “orange man bad” narrative than you will be excised from the party.

Either way republicans and Trump welcome to moves gladly

Even Trump suggested this Democrat join the republicans.

Joe Biden on the other hand is embracing Trump’s own rhetoric in a confusing mismatch of policy agendas.

Nothing seems to make sense within the Democratic party anymore


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. The democrats are just focused on their own careers.
    Michigan Governer Whitmer: I can only hope Joe Biden fingers me for Vice President.

    Dictionary: Finger – “identify or choose someone for (a particular purpose).
    "a research biologist with impeccable credentials was fingered for team leader"

  2. They did not censored her cuz she thanked Trump, but because she took the medicine Trump advertised and it worked.
    Democrats wants Cövid to have no cure so the Qûarantine stay on for years and destroy the economy so they can install söcialism.

  3. Trump secretly working for China. In that world/reality then that would mean Epstein did kill himself.
    We know that did not happen so it was like a system test. Yep "Matrix still online" check…

    Trump secretly working for China is saying to us that reality as we know it is offline…

  4. Time to embrace the left or die on the vine. I'm glad there's finally a growing coalition from the left to undermine the DNC zombie wasp, it's just sad that it has to happen when the most vile, reprehensible, and dangerous president in history is running for re-election.

  5. Glad to see some people like Tim finally realizing the Democrats platform has been nothing more than 'Republicans are bad, more free stuff!' for very long time…

  6. Dear Tim, love your content so please keep going. I am a former Dem and now Independent who is continually shocked how far towards socialism they have moved. With Joe’s apparent dementia I don’t see how they beat DT, and I can’t vote for Joe to be Commander in Chief if he can’t understand which room he is in

  7. I don’t know if this sounds crazy but sometimes I think the media is controlled by China and they’re trying to further divide the country through party polarizing. I don’t think either party themselves are working with China, just the media and news.

  8. Dems are nuts now. I'm a moderate liberal but the party is now run by the loony bin wing's policies. Just like last election, they won't be getting my vote this time either.

  9. Our USA is dead…it is gone. This country will never be the same again. Similar to a marriage when one spouse finds out the other has been cheating for years, the trust is GONE. There is NO America without it.

  10. This commentary is a perfect example of something I saw somewhere else:
    The Democrat Party is the party of equality and tolerance…that is unless you don't agree with us in all matters and are lockstep in our viewpoints. Otherwise you are xenophobic, (insert description)phobic, racist, bigoted, greedy heartless evil capitalist, and we will make sure to crush you under the boot of our authority and power.
    It really is pathetic that because someone said "Thank you" to the president, their own political party will cast them out.