Democrats Are Not Going To Want To Hear This!!


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  1. Suppressing the free exchange of ideas makes it easier for the Thugs to control the narrative. Their clueless, mindless 🐑🐑🐑🐑 think dissenting opinions are fascist and must be silenced! Never smart enough to figure out suppressing speech is actually fascism at work. I honestly have never known anyone so stupid as the Leftoids.
    The scumbag groomer Leftoids have infiltrated schools and federal and local agencies, the MSM scream the Leftoid propaganda at us yet there really isn't as many in their cult as they want us to believe. I think November is going to speak volumes. Not that that will deter Leftoid extremists. But we can vote their mission to destroy America into irrelevancy.
    For now anyway.

  2. We don't have to dig up anything because Ashley's Biden's & Hunter Biden has done all the work for the FBI. Ashley's Biden's Diary proves Joe Biden is a Kid F'er. Hunter's laptop shows Joe Biden is taking bribes from the Cartels. Hunter Biden is a felon with illegal guns and drugs. Just ask the Diary and Laptop.

  3. I believe that crimes of that nature against children don't have a statute of limitations. Meaning he should be investigated for raping children, and held accountable for any and all crimes committed. #metoo, remember??

  4. This type of government corruption makes me angry at a thermonuclear level. I absolutely despise these democrats. Also the FEDS are compromised by the DNC. They spied on Trump during his run for election. They had two compromised democrat FBI agents talking out loud about undermining the President. They did not go after ANTIFA and label them a domestic terrorist group during the 2020 riots. They raided Trump's home over some made up BS. And finally the head guy signing off on this harassment of Trump has been "let go". This is clear corruption and harassment by these thugs. The Federal Bureau of Instigation folks.

  5. All the shady sh*t the lib dems have done to try and stay in power makes me more that a little worried about what they COULD resort to as the election looms closer?

    WHEN it becomes obvious that Trump is going to win, exactly how far will they be willing to go in their quest to stay in power? Releasing fake stories about key member of the republic party? Blackmailing those close to Trump into making false accusations against him in the press? Rigging the voting (Again)?……. Assassination?

    Where's the line? From what I've read about them so far, I'm not even sure they've got a line they won't cross ! How do you deal with people like that?

  6. Um, well, I have to say that I believe that this was just a "leaked" narrative to give the illusion that they are actually doing something when they aren't. As of 9/1, Thibaults' attorneys have publicly stated that none of this happened. Distractions, distractions, distractions. If "We the PEOPLE" keep the pressure on then eventually something will. Don't be surprised if they indict Trump. IF they do….count it ALL JOY! That way, Trump can use discovery to pull their drawers down! 😂😉 Don't forget, Trump has said repeatedly that "we caught them. we caught them all".🤭😉

  7. Just throwing a scapegoat under the bus for appeasement. This was a top down witch hunt.
    Just keep watching that left hand so you don’t pay attention to the the right hand. Just like the fbi catching ped0s. Except for the ones in government.

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