Democrats Are PANICKING As Locals Revolt Against Them Over Riots

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  1. The whole "looting is a statement on property and capitalism" argument might hold a little more water if they were targeting Amazon, Apple and Starbucks, but they keep going after small business owners and if they resist the looters they get charged.

  2. Every broken window, every forced struggle session, every business set ablaze gives birth to a new Trûmp supporter…or at least a vote for him. Imagine making a martyr and a hero out of a domestic violence-inflicting sex offender…can't relate ?? The gaslighting done by the media and the Democrats (I'm repeating myself) is obscene and on the nose. They think people are stupid. For the past three months, Marxist agitators have been literally pillaging in Democrat-run cities and all of a sudden they bring Biden out of the basement to tepidly call out the violence because they see it affecting poll numbers? It's a little too late. Kamala (his fûçkįńg VP candidate) was on twitter asking for donations to a fund that bails out rioters! The Dems/MSM have done nothing but foment this insurrection and division to then dare turn around and blame it on Trûmp. This is why civilians have felt the need to come out armed to defend their communities. The Left have convinced a lot of non-white people in this country that we're eternal victims of oppression (we're not) and that we can never get out from under the boot of the system without Democrat help….if we only give Dems a little more power, then peace will return to the streets. Sure… if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell.

  3. Do you know why it's an unequal society? Because people are not equal, some are just better people, some work much harder and strive for what they want, and some sit on thire asses and wait for a chance to steel and take, some people just need to be taken out, good and evil exist, and it's time to fight the evil

  4. Tim always likes to bring up how he's mixed Korean, but super white passing. But, man, his mannerisms, voice, mocking tone, everything, comes off as Korean, in this video. I can imagine several Koreans I've known in place if him, here, just with slightly worse English.

    Get to the roof, Tim! It's time!

  5. All of these Democrats are stuck in a bubble on Twitter. It's one giant echo chamber and they honestly believe that people on Twitter represent the entire country. Twitter is full of Radical Leftists who don't represent their voter base. They're a very SMALL percentage of it, but Democrats are too stupid to realize that, lol..

  6. America is pissed at the Dems for not condemning the violence, at BLM/Antifa and the terrorism they're spreading… that should make them EXTREMELY fearful!!

  7. They just said it because they are mother is 74 years old. She is a Democrat but after this leftist full of hate, burning, destruction. She would never vote Democrat again she is a African American. She can't believed Democrat turn to hate and destruction…

  8. Democrat politicians are panicking as Democrat voters revolt against them; L O L hard to not pick fun on a nation of morons that decided an American ideology is better than an American people ? ooh ess ayyy ?? ooh ess ayyy ?? ooh ess ayyy ??