Democrats Are QUITTING The Party AGAIN, Dems Are Collapsing

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  1. If I am really sick or injured i go to the hospital and get treated.. i get a bill and end up entering into a payment plan. This doesnt bother me. 20 dollars a month? Yeah, life is def worth that.

  2. Please tell me how you can get record settings votes while hemorrhaging voters? Weird. How can 300% of people in a county vote? Not 3x the registered voters 3x the population. Weird. Why would you use the same vote counting machines that were used to fix elections in Venezuela? Why would you let your votes be counted by people NOT IN THIS COUNTRY? Weird. This is beyond weird. Its fraud.

  3. I don’t think that many Democrats actually voted for Biden. A lot of them along with ‘a lot’ of new voters voted for our legal winner and still sitting President Donald John Trump. If a wolf is about to eat your flock and all you have to do warn them ahead of time as it comes a running, would you freeze? We are screaming to let them know but the media has fallen victim to the retched hunger of the beast and sounds no alarm. It’s as if everyone knows somethings wrong but knows not what to do. Wake up everyone, the wolfs breath is almost upon you, all you have to do is run and warn your flock.

  4. So what's actually happening here is people who are actual liberals by definition who used to identify as democrats (because at one point it was a sane idea that a liberal and a democrat would be close in beliefs) are getting left behind or should i say RIGHT behind lol. horrible pun any way…. The splitting up isn't happening because liberals are leaving the democrats. Its the fault of the democrats becoming to insane for the text book defined liberals. Its the democrat leftists who are leaving the liberals , not the other way around.

  5. As someone who has been harmed by vague rules passed by Democrats, and seen others harmed by those same rules. I would like to know how the Democrats have hurt everyone else specifically in this comment section. Be specific. Don't give me stuff that hasn't harmed you like identity politics, etc.

  6. I had an epithany yesterday. The Democart Party has become like the old Catholic Church – "Thou are guilty of thy sin and must confess! Confess to thine wickedness and endure thine penance." Only difference is after the penance, there is no forgiveness and no salvation. Guilty – Forever.

  7. The funny thing is hating Trump is the only thing holding the Democrats together. If Biden gets into office it is going to tear the party apart. Then the GOP will win the House in 2 years and probably the presidency in 2024. We will then control the White House, the Senate, the House and the Supreme court.

  8. Why don't you just admit that a Biden presidency would mean that the mafia is back in the white house after having lead a successful coup against President Trump? Anyone who is well read about the history of this country knows that the mafia and central bankers have had their boots on the neck of our democracy since the beginning of the 20th century. Now we see them fighting desperately with President Trump to maintain control. It's time to overthrow the mafia's control over our government and our money and kick these assholes all the way to Gitmo. I don't know why black Americans think they're better off with a corrupt government than one which actually honors the Constitution. We are all safer and stronger under the Constitution but we must be vigilant to keep criminals out of our business. This is the fundamental problem with the U.S., not systemic racism.

  9. I’m from the twin cities Minnesota. Us minorities flipped our opinions about trump after what he did for us during his presidency. Most of us Somalis own small businesses (about 65% of us according to multiple surveys and studies). Bruh is all I can say

  10. In my opinion both parties are collapsing, if trump taught us anything is that career politicians are bad news for everyone. Regardless if you like trump or not one thing is true and that is that he challenged the status quo and made serious changes, some people liked this some people didn't but one truth remains and its that career politicians haven't done anything like this in their entire careers. The point is we need to clean house and a clean slate

  11. Tim is a Blue Dog Democrat, and he won't bend the knee to these crazies.

    1.)Capitalism is good, we need less restrictions.
    2.)Abortion is bad everyone deserves the right to grow old enough to decide whether or not they wish to live.
    3.) Green energy? If you wanna start a profitable green energy company, go for it. But don't siphon people's money to make your ideas work.

    1.)Capitalism is good, but needs a few restrictions for the betterment of everyone.
    2.) Abortions are an unfortunate necessity to preserve freedom for women.
    3.) Green Energy for Independence from foreign oil.

    1.) Capitalism is Satan Incarnate, usher in the socialist Utopia.
    2.) Humans are a virus killing the planet, kill all the babies.
    3.) Nature is Paramount, we must abolish modern technology and go back to the Stone age.

  12. Look, I don't want to be disrespectful but people in Minnesota are the stupidest people in the mid west. I live not far from them in Iowa, and we know they don't take voting or politics seriously. Too nice, they will do ANYTHING to avoid a conflict.

  13. Not Medicare for all. The end result will be Medicaid for all; good luck finding a doctor who's at least halfway decent. Even some Medicare patients have trouble finding practices who'll take them.