Democrats ARRESTED For Murdering Journalist, But Media Said MAGA Republicans Were The Bad Guys

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Written by Timcast

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  1. I'm sure Tellus brought that love and support with him when he went to kill Mr. German.

    So, DNA match, car match, shoe match, bloody clothes and a motive but you give him the benefit of the doubt?

    The only person saying Mr. German was lying is Tellus, there would be more if it was a lie. There is also video evidence of Tellus' relations with that staffer but no evidence of Mr. German dumpster diving Tellus' trash.

    Now someone is dead and Tellus tried to delete himself when confronted by the police. He didn't do that after he killed a man, just after he knew he couldn't get away with it.

  2. As time has passed we have learned that the reporter was NOT fabricating stories and that the murderer was wheeled out on a gurney after self-inflicted wounds.
    Tim, sometimes the story, regardless of how you "feel", is the truth. This story was true. They even found the bloody shoes and disguise the Democrat was wearing when he murdered an innocent reporter.

  3. Reporters lie and politicians kill people… if they can't control and manipulate you with their lies, they will just have you killed, either directly or indirectly, the media serving as their accomplice… Covid vaccine… FDA… Big Pharma… EPA… "peaceful protests"…
    it's been going on for a long time… it's as simple as that…

  4. Brian stelter Brian stelter doesn't exist and the rest of these crooked journalists are next they will not exist least not here in the United States tens of millions of people asking for their deportation at the bare minimum when the people are done suing these people for lying about the virus they'll be bankrupt and then we'll Deport them that's how they're going to pay the national debt with the Democrats stolen money think I'm full of s*** wait and see

  5. Steven Crowder offered Brian Stelter a job on the condition that he provide all his sources. Thus far Stelter has not replied.

    However that is what I believe everyone should do. When someone meets misfortune offer a hand of friendship and help.

  6. 1:01 There's your problem, Tim:
    "Britney Spears wows in a skimpy neon bikini after going topless to tan during tropical getaway… as she scores first Billboard top 10 hit in a DECADE"
    I guess you know what to do to get press for the next song?

  7. Saw a video put out by Kid Rock which had Biden and his red speech on one side and the violent hundreds of terror riots done by the left on the other side.Youll never see it on msn but it was spot on.

  8. He's probably a major suspect due to the history with the journalist. It doesn't mean he's guilty but the police would have needed probable cause to arrest him so there is something there. Could be nothing but it could mean he's guilty.

  9. Sure, there's innocent until proven guilty but you can suspect if someone did something or not. The evidence does not look good for Tellus. Have you even look into the journalist background. If no, then don't do your video until you have done your research🙄. I'm not a fan of the media but that doesn't mean you don't do your homework.

  10. It might be believable if the guy didn’t go to German’s house to stab him. It’s not like he stabbed the man outside of his own house.

    Also, the reason the politician is the bad guy is because he STABBED somebody.

  11. he ran for office, you get your life dissected and people lying about you, thats just part of running, he gets no sympathy from me. whether or not he did do this, he has shown he has no business being in office representing people… so the perfect dem

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