Democrats Call To “Abolish The Police” Is Massively Unpopular And Freaking People Out

Democrats Call To “Abolish The Police” Is Massively Unpopular And Freaking People Out. Following wide spread protests progressive Democrats seized upon the fervor and called for disbanding, defunding, oreven outright abolishing the police.

Somehow Democrats managed to turn an advantage into a disadvantage that Republicans have immediately used in their favor.

While most people do believe in some kind of police reform almost no one wants to see the police be totally abolished, that is a ridiculous proposal.

But right now Trump is falling in the polls, betting odds have begun to favor Biden, so why would Democrats offer up such a lovely gift?

If any group of people wants to see Democrats openly embrace “abolish the police” as a campaign promise it would be Trump supporters who know that regular Americans are freaking out, jumping on 2A, and looking for law and order.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Ok so NY and LA have already cut police budgets. Now they are talking about more training, and having psychiatrist, psychologist, sociologist or some type of social worker to respond with the police to assist in deescilation of situation. So where is the money for these ideas to come from now that budgets cut? We seriously need to get away from this knee jerk form of government and get back to being able to be adults and discuss stuff calmly. The politicians I see on TV these days yelling screaming over talking anyone that doesn't agree with them seems like news from another country or reminds me of a spoiled child throwing a tantrum.

  2. Of course the left wants to abolish police. So they can institute martial law and have more control over us. They're only using Black Lives Matter as an excuse. They don't give a damn about Black people, never have and never will. They've turned peaceful protests into riots, and they've hijacked this movement because they see an opportunity to further their own agenda. The party of slavery, is still the party of the REAL racism

  3. If we start calling all cops bad, we will never root out the bad cops and one more time they'll get away with it. Talk about prejudice against a whole group of people. And if you think bad cops were the worst abusers of power, just wait until the left gets its wish and martial law is instituted. We'll see some abuses of power like none of us has ever seen in our lifetime. Try protesting then, and see what happens. Try rioting then, and see what happens. Try hijacking an 'autonomous zone' then, and see what happens.

  4. No one in their right mind believes people support the madness that’s going on, people may be scared to announce they will vote Trump but no one is voting for the BS

  5. Pretty much all the popular artists on Instagram , all the liberals / democrats on twitter , all the people on tumblr are saying “All Cops Are Bastards” ACAB / it’s a whole movement and it’s idiotic!

    They say all cops are BAD ! Gay cops, black cops, trans cops , ANY COP AND ALL COPS ARE EVIL AND OPPRESSIVE! They will argue “ well the police worked with the kkk and blah blah blah .”

    On tumblr they are making MEMES about throwing Bricks at Police CARS

  6. One thing dems are doing to give POTUS no peace of mind.
    You know it is controversial.Republicans you know that woman
    from Somalia thinks she can have the upper hand over POTUS
    Citizens and Republicans should speak up against her.

  7. I say go ahead and abolish the police in these states. However, the Republicans should be demanding that ALL gun control measures be relaxed or repealed completely. I have a right to defend myself, just like you do. I actually would rather have fewer cops and less police-state/nanny state bullshit to deal with and be more apt to exercise my constitutional right to buy, train with, carry, and if necessary, use, a firearm. The money saved from having less government can go to pay off debt. How is this not a win for everyone? You and I get less nanny state, our rights back, and a more responsibly run state with less debt.

  8. Start with defunding every politicians security detail after all not needed they can’t live in gated communities either and their children are required to attend inner city schools.

  9. I say it again…Trump is NOT…I repeat NOT…falling in any polls. Marxist media mendacities!
    And Biden sure as hell is not beating him in any poll except in Fantasy-Bizarro-Opposite World.
    There are no such polls except in the minds of twisted Leftards. It makes no sense to have Biden leading Trump…NONE. Ergo…it is not true. Biden is not even coherent, so to have some imaginary poll claiming Biden is somehow ahead of Trump is totally fabricated and nonsensical. Who did they poll?. The sample space must have been 100% college-age female Karens. Sure. Biden is ahead and Bigfoot is touring with Elvis this summer.

  10. disband and defunding the thin blue line is not the answer, I think they should be better trained and better screened so you dont have nut cases running around with loaded weapons killing people. I also think they should be subjected to mental health check maybe on a monthly basis. I know they see horrendous things out on the streets, maybe have them alternate between street work and desk work, they should also be held to the letters of the law, and if they violate it they should be punished more severely, considering it their job is to uphold the law…

  11. Calling for abolishing the police is like animals on a wildlife reserve calling for the removal of anti-poachers.

    What's the worse that can happen?

    Hope you like those bloods and crips.