Democrats CAUGHT posing as White Supremacists To Smear Republicans

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Written by Lauren Southern


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  1. This type of thing has happened in history but that doesn't make it less frighting now. The speed and reach of information makes misinformation much more dangerous. The fact that the major news outlets refuse to correct such things, including their own errors, just heightens the issue.

  2. You know, there was this American spy agent during cold war, that was trained in fluent Russian and Russian culture, he was a decent spy, one of the best in his field.

    He was dispatched to infiltrate Kremlin, so the first day as he got airdropped to the Moscow by spy plane on city outskirts, the first babushka that saw him started screaming "SPY, SPY HELP AMERICAN SPY!"

    He was baffled, and asked, but how did you find me out so quickly, and babushka replied: "because youre a fuckin Ni-"

  3. Wow your cancelled and smeared again in Canada today. The mainstream media is powerful and too many people are totally brainwashed sheep. I can’t believe what I heard on the 24/7 propaganda channel 680 news about you and your cancelled university speaking engagement. We truly live in a dictatorship in Canada now.

  4. In Germany the most swastikas are drawn by left wing extremists. They do not find any nazis to fight, so they just make up their own problems they can solve. Lefties are worldwide the same.

  5. It's like the left has the stone of reality and can shape it to its liking to such an extent that absurdity has become the new truth. There is no remedy except maybe the destruction of all social medias.

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