Democrats CLOWNED For Inviting MSNBC’s “Terror Expert” Who Called For ATTACK Of Trump Tower…wow.


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  1. Sounds like a terrorism expert to me. Maybe they should be looking for an anti-terrorism expert. Better yet it's time to break out those social workers instead of plotting to use their violent gestapo tactics on peaceful unarmed citizens during what is really just a simple misunderstanding. It's time for a more peaceful approach to these domestic situations. Send in people trained to deescalate these situations not escalate them with their violent paramilitary training. Right?

  2. Nick Feuntes is a confusing guy. He is not a Holocaust denier and if he is a white supremacist he is doing a bad job at it since white supremacists don’t associate themselves with people who they view as inferior. As far as I know he hates Republicans and Democrats and has gotten into debates with Shapiro and Turning Point USA over Israel. If anything he may be a centralist.

  3. Why is it that every one of these people calling for violence wont come out and try it? Is it because its easy to talk shit behind a mic when there's no one to call you out in person?

  4. Again.
    1) facts. And no long winded bs. But to the point !

    Some. / most podcasts go an hour +++++ ??? and actually say nothing

    Short sweet and loaded here ???‼️.

    My time is valuable. And it’s RESPECTED HERE ?

  5. Why are you so mean to the Democrats?You know how sensitive they are you might trigger the snowflakes into melting.Everybody knows that Democrats always have the best intentions Communist News Network,MSDNC,etc inform us of this all the time.The only truly evil people in the world are Republicans if you don't believe that you need to watch MSM more.Since Papa Joe has become dictator he has worked tirelessly (1 hour a day,he needs his naps) to unify this country by using Executive Orders he didn't bother the Republicans with trivial things like the pipeline,no new leases for drilling or fracking on federal lands,he even took the most courageous step any president ever by mandating that boys that identify as girls can take part in girls sports.

  6. Im sure Manson, Bubbles the clown, and the various cannibals from the soviet union were terror experts too. Wouldn't want them making decisions for the country though.

    Got to wonder how a communist nation would produce cannibals. All that bread to wait in line for and all.

  7. I share Liberal Hivemind on MeWe, Gab and Parler ALL the time!! Happy to give you all the exposure I can! keep up the GREAT work, we need you.

  8. the reason the wall the reason the wall is still up around the capitol is because this is the way to Democrat things if Donald Trump would have been in baby rating that Capital every day do they think the Republicans are the same thing like them that would not

  9. You freaks read to many books and don't live real world lives and have never experienced an event. I was in Turkey with my family in 2000 when the Battle Ship Cole was bombed. You clowns have no idea especially the trickle down effect towards those that were considered a threat. Be glad you live in the USA.

  10. Well, knock me down and color me impressed. This post got a like to don't like ratio of 99.8% on YouTube with a total of 13k+ votes cast. Even accounting for a self-selecting bias in the totals, it is still pretty da_mn impressive. Thank you for doing what you do.

  11. People like malcolm nance are very dangerous,such a danger that they should not be allowed 2B free to roam around in public. It is time to start telling it like it is & what it is,is an extreme danger to society.

  12. Everyone needs to understand that they will keep doing this UNTIL we no longer take it anymore!
    Yes they WANT us to be violent and storm the capital that is why they are not hiding anything, all the lies and hypocrisy are ment to enrage and they are getting mad because it's not working.

  13. When they get that swarm to that point,they will be sorry that they shook the nest. I am 100% sure that liberalism is a mental disorder & i think that them & democrats & their minions are eat up with demonic demons.